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And thanks for visiting Panachallenge - the home of free photography challenges and forums for all camera brands, and especially Panasonic Lumix (and their Leica cousins). Challenges have two categories - a main category dedicated to Pannys and Leicas and an open category for all digital camera models. Challenge and member info is shown below. If you are new here, check out the links on the right to help you get started.
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  Current challenge: Mini#28 Best of 2014
Check your archives and show us your best photo taken in 2014 that you have not submitted before. For this mini challenge the following changes to the normal rules apply: Entry period: photos must be taken between January 1 and December 31 2014 inclusive; This year only photos that have NOT been entered in a previous challenge will be accepted. Anonymity: normally photos shouldn't be posted elsewhere, but that's fine this time around. Please vote for ten entries in this challenge. All other rules are as usual. If you don't have anything great to submit, you have until the end of the year to shoot something new! Get your entries done soon. Time flies!

Main Category       Open Category
0 validated entries       0 validated entries

15 days remaining to submit an entry.

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  Current challenge: Mini#27 Your Favorite Panachallenge
Time for some "End of the Year" fun! Choose a past Panachallenge theme, from #1 to #151, (not a MiniChallenge) and tell us in the title or Extra Info on which challenge your entry is based. Be sure your entry fits the theme!

Main Category       Open Category
2 validated entries       2 validated entries

8 days remaining to submit an entry.

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  Past challenge: #151 THREE (revisited)
Be it abstract, still life, landscape, architectural, portrait or whatever, let your entry creatively shout out THREE! (The open winner gets to choose a subsequent theme. Created by Mepo)

Main Category       Open Category
19 entries       27 entries
195 comments by 20 members       233 comments by 22 members
33 members voted       34 members voted


Challenge ended on 8 Dec 2014.

      Main Category
Rest at Day's End

By SteveBee
Panasonic DMC-GX7
      Open Category

By SteveBee
Panasonic DMC-GX7

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Featured Entry
By andrew.cooper71

#144 Begins With "B" (Main)
Bumble Bee
Placed 11th, 91 points
Panasonic DMC-LX3

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Member since:
8 Jul 2014

Skintly has 3 Challenge entries, including this one:

#146 Edgy (Open)
Oma and my Aowyn.
Placed 16th, 55 points

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