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And thanks for visiting Panachallenge - the home of free photography challenges and forums for all camera brands, and especially Panasonic Lumix (and their Leica cousins). Challenges have two categories - a main category dedicated to Pannys and Leicas and an open category for all digital camera models. Challenge and member info is shown below. If you are new here, check out the links on the right to help you get started.
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  Current challenge: Challenge #142 Vehicle(s)
Challenge #142 Vehicle(s) Find something interesting about one or more vehicles and present it photographically. Just make sure that the main subject is "Vehicle(s)". You may focus on a particular portion of the vehicle if you like. For this challenge: Vehicle is defined as: a machine used to carry people, animals, or goods from one place to another by land, water, or air.

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  Current challenge: #141 High Key
High Key - Seek to eliminate harsh shadows and create a bright environment. Your camera's settings should be optimized to let in lots of light. Make sure there's enough to brighten the scene considerably without blowing out the subject. As a last resort, make it High Key in post-processing. (created by RolandB)

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  Past challenge: #140 Seeing Red
#140 Seeing Red - "Photograph something in which we are 'seeing red' as the dominant color or 'Seeing Red' is the dominant mood. Let your creativity run wild! (Definition: Seeing Red - a state of irritation or annoyance.) So capture the color, or the emotion, or both!" (Created by mbbin2)

Main Category       Open Category
21 entries       23 entries
224 comments by 25 members       203 comments by 23 members
38 members voted       36 members voted


Challenge ended on 31 Mar 2014.

      Main Category

By henriksson
Panasonic DMC-FZ50
      Open Category
Red Hot Anger: an abstract

By Joanna
Panasonic DMC-FZ200

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