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Mini#36 Get Well Soon, Elliott!
Created by mrsawyer
Hosted by mrsawyer
      As some of you may be aware, Elliott, a long-time member of our Panachallenge community is battling some serious health issues.
See here: http://www.panachallenge.com/forum/forum_topic.php?id=643&page=1#post11182
and here: http://www.panachallenge.com/forum/forum_topic.php?id=677&page=1#post11471 .

So let's shoot something cheerful and upbeat, or anything uplifting or related to healing. Also consider shooting something he likes. Look through his entries and imitate one of his submissions. http://www.panachallenge.com/mugshots/show_member.php?member=1307 .

Of course, you may add well-wishes and any info about why you chose the subject you selected, in the Extra Info section.
Note: Post-processing will be hidden during voting, so tell all.

Entry period: 9 Mar 2017 through to 30 Mar 2017 23:59:59 UTC (localtime?)
Entry period: Entries must be taken on or after 9 Mar 2017
Entry rules: Main Category is for Lumix/Leica, Open Category is for Any Digital Camera Brand See the full challenge rules
Voting period: 31 Mar 2017 00:00:00 UTC through to 3 Apr 2017 23:59:59 UTC (localtime?)

7 days remaining to submit an entry.

MAIN Category

  • 6 validated entries
  • 0 unvalidated entries
  • 1 invalid entries

    OPEN Category

  • 7 validated entries
  • 0 unvalidated entries
  • 0 invalid entries

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