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The Last Lunar Descent       ©2010 Jade O.
Panasonic DMC-FZ30       9th place, 43 points
2s, f11, ISO 100, 35mm, Manual, Spot, no flash
Post-Processing: Lots! Generally the final image is an assembly of individual images variously cropped, stretched, layered, adjusted in contrast, colours, etc. The earth was a cloud shot, applied swirl, mapped onto globe, toned down highlights by overlay cloning, and then cut with a feathered edge. The moon is the last bit of snow complete with footsteps, stretched and curved to form a planetoid horizon. The Command module is a tin can, twist ties form the white radiator panels, plumbing parts the engine nozzle, four pen tips form the thruster assembly on the side and the "moon reflection" is - well you can guess how that was done. The lunar module is a collection of parts including gold foil from a chocolate bar. The stars are paintbrush dots but Orion and the Big Dipper are there if you look. (Bonus points if you know -without looking it up!- why the Lunar Module was called the LEM).       Extra Info: Four days and ten hours after launch, the Apollo 17 lunar module disconnects from the command module and begins its descent to the surface of the moon for the last Apollo lunar landing in December 1972.

Little did we know then that this would be the last (to date) human flight beyond low earth orbit.
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May 5, 2010
    Many congrats on your TT Jade! For me it's still the #1 for so many efforts and so incredible imagination :-) I agree with your comment on my entry that the heavy PP may have resulted in less votes, but anyway, I felt the pic must be done as it was and I enjoyed a lot the process... surely you have enjoyed creating this one even more :-) :-) my applause again!!

May 3, 2010
    Congratulations Jade. I'm glad that you got a lot of compliments on your work. You have to go back and look at your polar bear shot again. You keep asking how I sleuth and I gave you way too much information on that entry (One should not reveal all their secrets:-) Sincerely yours, Constable Plod.

I just read your comment to Thomas about my new mugshot. Now I know what your basic problem is - you need glasses !! If you look carefully you will see that I do indeed have a magnifying glass. ROFLOL Billy even identified the photo I was examining - now there's a true sleuth :-)
Edited on May 4, 2010

Jade O.
May 3, 2010
    Franz, judging from the votes this received you are not the only one who considered that question!!!

Thank you all for your votes and especially your comments! I enjoy and value every one (all the more as they become rarer!) 8-)
Edited on May 3, 2010

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May 3, 2010
    A wonderful idea for the theme. And a fantastic work you have done there. It looks so real!
A PP-artwork that has to be in my TT.
...I truly ask myself if you actually need to own a camera to participate here at the Panachallenge... ;-)

Jade O.
May 3, 2010
    Mepo LOL! I "knew" someone was going to notice that!!! But more correctly, the position of the two constellations works but it is the orientation of each that is wonky. The shadows were actually the easiest part. Set up tripod, place object, fire external flash from same location each time (but vary flash intensity was the tricky part to get a "natural" exposure on each object - for example, the cooling fins are highly reflective, the tin can paradoxically less so. (Do you know how hard it is to find a tin can that is not ribbed?)) Lost in space? Do you mean you wanted more of a close up with more detail? (Not flying at all on this one; though one would think you'd need to be on something to try this one at home!) Love the comment but less certain about the TT - lots of members dislike PP though I noted the last Challenge really had a lot of it - compare that with entries from just one year ago - I think members are becoming more accepting of it - so I pushed the limit here - total PP!
Edited on May 3, 2010

Jade O.
May 3, 2010
    Billy, I'm blushing! I confess I believe your entry will be the #1 this round, but I am pleased you enjoyed this one. Makes all the effort worth it! I have many theories about how people vote but not everyone comments so it is always difficult to know. I do not think I will make top 5 (and I see no TT as a real possibility) with this entry in part because of the extensive PP - some I think will view this as not "photography" and not vote for it for that reason. (I'm always mindful of the comment I received in my entry on the "-ain Challenge" that my image was "more suitable for a post-processing competition" but also "It is extremely well done though!" The image placed second but I did not get that member's vote. But at least I know why! (And he has a legitimate point.))

I enjoyed working on this one for the exercise in composition and as a study in lighting. For me I find it a helpful exercise for when I then try "real world" photography. And because I feel your long comment deserves a long answer (!), I am even more impressed with the real world resolution of the photos taken by NASA which you can google images to see. The actual detail really make this image more of a mind's rendering than a reflection of reality.

This is the side of the module I was trying for:
But this is the detail:
And this shows just what a poor cousin my image is:
Notice the detail in the moon surface; the curvature on the horizon is much more pronounced; and the colour of the lunar surface much darker. But it was this view which inspired my entry.
Edited on May 3, 2010

May 2, 2010
    The problem with this composition is that the Big Dipper and Orion would not appear in that configuration if viewed from the vicinity of the moon. Just kidding - fact is that, as far as I can tell, you have all the shadows in the right places; that must have taken some doing :-) I admire what you have built here but I must admit that I find the panorama a little 'lost in space'. Regardless, I admire the presentation a lot - looks very realistic - maybe you were pilot in command (I'm learning Jade) on the chase plane. I can only hope that you were not flying VFR. tt for sure.

May 2, 2010
    When I first saw your pic, I thought "hey, nice one! the Lunar Module disconnected for landing... how imaginative!" (I'm a dead fan of fantasy, sci-fi and space related :-) "but, how was this made? scale models, maybe? (I always make a slide show of the entries before reading PP, extra info etc.)
Then I came to the PP info... and my eyes started opening, and opening, and opening... at the same time of my mouth... and just could say: "... ... ... ...WHOA!!!!"
Did I say imaginative?? Incredible!! stunning!! super!!!
This could be from elliot, or some other very talented PP artists around the site... but, after enjoying so many of your creations, I'm sure this one is from Jade (if not, and I'm making another of my @^_^@ detective mistakes, please take this as a huge cumpliment).
Dear Jade, you know how much I enjoy your full of imagination creations, your past "living chessboard" being one of the most stunning... but here, I think you've broken my imagination limits when using PP for creating scenes... you have not assembled "pieces", you have CREATED the "pieces" assembling pics!! OMG!!! In fact, I think this is more than a photography, this is a real digital art piece, but created with real pics and not with a sophisticated 3D software... gasp!! bravo!!!!!
Maybe the other mates won't think so, but for me this is an easy Nr. 1. For the spot-on theme, for the huge amount of work done, for a beautiful picture on its own, and, above all, for your superb imagination and creativity. Awesome!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Jade O.
May 2, 2010
    Lo It was fun. Had a sort of retro Space Odessey feeling while doing it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7p2eBA-7OZE

Jade O.
May 2, 2010

forkcandles I hope you are referring to successful makes episodes and not the Lulu version (or some other notable phrase from the show such as "Once a king always a king, but once a (k)night is enough...") Anyway, this entry is done and time to get on to Still Life where I'm starting with "finely chop one raw egg"...(thanks as well for not commenting on my knockers...;-)

May 1, 2010
    My compliments on your "moonscape" - it shows a lot of creativity and attention to detail. I can't imagine how much time it took to prepare, but I'm sure you were pleased with the outcome.

Apr 30, 2010
    shame we were not supplied with the shoe size prints in the snow. you have passed the first stage interview for Blue Peter childrens show.
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