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  #81 The way home
Entry 2 of 19
Cranes' World       ©2010 Jade O.
Panasonic DMC-FZ30       2nd place, 127 points
1/800s, f8, ISO 80, 35mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Curves, Perspective, Clone out minor distracting elements, resize, sharpen.       Extra Info: Cranes herald a new urban Renaissance in the rail lands neighbourhood rising in the shadow of the CN Tower in the heart of the City of Toronto. (For some reason the cranes remind me of mast heads so I tried to evoke a Turner-esque effect for this shot - symbolically I also liked the fact that the cranes point toward the setting sun and tomorrow, the future of this new community, as well as skyward which is the direction the sleek residential condominium towers underfoot are headed.)
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Jun 9, 2010
    Thank you Jade. No, not too scary at all. But who knows what’s around the corner?

Jun 9, 2010
    Ciao gioia mia :-)
...this time it was hard to choose between first and second place...If i only had my soul a little less black...:-)
Good work!

Jade O.
Jun 8, 2010
    I absolutely agree! It's all yours Wangi. Pick a good one (and you can give yourself more than 3 days after the next vote to enter!) 8-].

Jun 8, 2010
    Many, many congrats, Jade!!! swapped places and feeelings this time, I'm happy with my monolith but really love your pic!! honoured to be in your companion, fantastic as usual!!! :-)
P.S. I'll skip theme choosing this time as I've settled one so recently, would be great passing the opportunity to you :-) but, as the current theme is yours, I will pass the choice to Wangi, hope you agree :-)

Jun 8, 2010
    Nice finish Jade - and well deserved!

Jun 8, 2010
    Ahhh Jade! My #1! :-) Congratulations!

Jun 8, 2010
    Oh my - I am holding my sides! I guess my comment hit a nerve (well done me:-). I knew I could get you to see some other colour. Thank you for the chuckle - now be good taxpayer and cough up some more dough so our dear politicians can enjoy their due. LOL

Jun 8, 2010
    Congratulations... once again!

Fantastic colors!

Cheers :-)

Jun 7, 2010
    Congratulations on a great finish Jade. Beautiful colors in this one.

Jun 7, 2010
    Congratulations - well deserved. Sunsets! Next thing we will have you voting conservative LOL

Jade O.
Jun 7, 2010
    Thank you all for your votes and especially your comments on my entries and the others. I get a lot from the commentary! I'll post a little in outtakes forum later.

Jun 7, 2010
    Congratulations on a fine shot and solid finish.

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Jade O.
Jun 7, 2010
    Billy, I think sometimes I should not specify Toronto since it seems to give a hint at identifying the shooter. I am pleased you noticed the sun rays crossing the clouds - capturing that subtle effect has been difficult for me but it really does bring a realism and depth to the image. I'm flattered by your choice especially given I found it equally hard to rank the top five. It'll be interesting to see if our top four or five are the same pics.

Jun 7, 2010
    After a very long time changing my vote up and down among my 4 top favorites, your pic is definitively my #1 choice :-)
Lots of things to like here... theme-wise, it's superb for me, as I almost got nuts to find a subject in my boring daily route without a crane around :-D I could have taken a crane shot myself, but I entered one not so long ago, so wanted something different.
Then there's that stunning sky, the clouds are superb, along with the blue I like so much. And there comes the technical aspect too, the exposition is fantastic, I can see even the sun rays crossing the clouds... that's difficult to achieve properly!
So, nothing bad here, my top choose very well deserved, superb shot, great job!!!
P.S. Toronto quickly calls for Jade, along with the blues... but I'm also a bit doubtful, as there is a sunset, there are black silhouettes, and even they're industrial silhouettes!! I'll bet Jade anyway, but maybe Michael is trying to mess me again??? :-D :-D :-D

Jade O.
Jun 7, 2010
    Alberto The monolith gets my #1 vote as well!

Jun 7, 2010
    it reminds me one of my favourite musical groups "Cranes" :-)
...I like it in every aspects...superb composition ligths colors and so on....It's a pity that i found a monolith in this challenge :-(

Jade O.
Jun 6, 2010
    Ronoz You have a sharp eye! I grabbed this quick because I knew that cloud would not hold there for very long and this shot would have been impossible without it.

Jun 6, 2010
    good timing with the sun behind the cloud & I like the silhouetted cranes against the sky.

Jade O.
Jun 6, 2010
    elliott Thanks for picking up on the two elements I tried most to achieve here.

Edward48 I've enjoyed these clusters of cranes but my previous favourite crane grouping already had two towers up when this Challenge came around so I picked these instead. Glad to know someone else can idenify the Turner I saw in this. I always look forward to your comments, your intelligence, and your wit (there, that wasn't so scary was it?)

Jun 6, 2010
    nice rich dark coloring in sky. and sharp detail on cranes. well done. in tt. el

Jun 6, 2010
    Turner-esque indeed. A beautiful daily view. A definite top 3 for me.

Jade O.
Jun 6, 2010
    forkcandles, I also find screen size challenging - my open entry was my second choice simply because my first choice just wouldn't work size-wise in this format but will post in the outtakes. Tall ships and sails have a majesty about them and, for me, help bring to scale just how large the world really is; cranes evoke somewhat the same for me.

Jun 6, 2010
    must get a bigger screen, when i pressed enter for the comments I saw the larger size and the top is there. so a good picture.

Jun 6, 2010
    this make construction look good, I like the theme of mastheads and always want to get in to the tops for the veiws the drivers get.
like the picture with one reservation of a lost top jib. but still a nice one

Jade O.
Jun 5, 2010
    Thank-you, Franz. I was trying to capture the silent strength of the scene as well as the anticipation of awaiting what tomorrow will bring. Having seen the other half of this scene (my Open entry essentially is from the same place just looking in the other direction), I am excited by the possibilities taking shape here.

Lo, I feel you have paid me the greatest compliment. I appreciate your taking the time to comment.

Mepo, I knew you would know! As for sunsets, does this really qualify? Have I really gone over to the dark side?- well, o.k., not yet dark, I guess, but whatever side those sunset photogs are on - is them really me?! ;-) Just for you, I promise to post the original image on the outtakes so you can see how much I really p-u-s-h-e-d the PP to get this effect. Really, 30 minutes either way, would have worked I think, except for the clouds which moved around a bit so I knew I had to shoot this one quick. And, hey, just what do you mean by that qualifier "blue"...-and no, i do not mean that blue! I mean, is it possible I am not your unqualified favourite???? :-)
Edited on Jun 7, 2010

Jun 5, 2010
    Very strong atmosphere / mood in the sky. The clouds, the cranes and the dark sky make it threatening somehow, but the bright light behind it all gives back the impression of hope for the next day.
My hope is ...that my interpretation does not sound too pathetic... ;-D

Jun 5, 2010
    Interesting how a photo can evoke a feeling. When I first saw this one, I had a feeling of peace, with the cranes locked into position for the night, and the construction site quiet at the end of a long day. The colours and composition are beautiful.

Jun 5, 2010
    My favourite blue photographer no doubt LOL. What a wonderful capture - I suspect a minute either way and the sky would not have been nearly so impressive. Did I hear SUNSET shot ?? LOL

Jade O.
Jun 4, 2010
    Thanks, Una. Me, too!

Raf Believe it or not I actually thought of you as I cloned out a lot of trees to the left of the left most tower to give that tower some room and I agree with you. I thought about eliminating the other trees but did not want to add "something" nor lose the centered composition of the sun placement and I wanted to preserve the dramatic sweep of the cloud going to the top left. As often is the case, this was the compromise. The overdone PP was deliberate to evoke a less than natural colouring more like you see in a painting by the British artist, William Turner, who has been described as "probably England's greatest landscape and marine artist." Of course, I was hoping by emulation to rub a little greatness into an otherwise mundane shot!
Edited on Jun 5, 2010

Jun 4, 2010
    I live industrial romanticism! This will surely end up in my favourites!

Jun 4, 2010
    com positionally it is good though I might have been tempted to lose the foliage at bottom left to make the crane/sunset combination more dominant. Of course that either makes for a squarish crop or the addition of something on the left (which you may have been avoiding)

The sky may very well be how it was, but it feels a little overdone in PP. Perhaps that is just my lack of colour sense too.
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