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Delta Thrusters       ©2010 Jade O.
Panasonic DMC-FZ30       18th place, 35 points
1/1000s, f4.5, ISO 200, 420mm, Manual, Spot, no flash
Post-Processing: crop, adjust contrast, denoise, resize, sharpen       Extra Info: The most critical phase of flight - after VR and before V2 - giving rise to pilot's maxim, "in thrust we trust."

VR is the velocity past which the pilot is committed to take off (sometimes called rotational velocity it has nothing to do with the point at which the nose wheel actually leaves the ground and has nearly everything to do with how much runaway remains in front of the aircraft). V2 is the velocity past which the aircraft can still climb with one engine. In between those two points, the pilot just has to trust the engines because at this stage there is little else one can do to influence the ultimate outcome. Thousands of times every day, this little noticed critical drama plays out in cockpits around the world.
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Jade O.
Aug 16, 2010
    Thank you all for your votes and comments!

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Jade O.
Aug 16, 2010
    Billy, thanks for your detailed comment. It's nice to know someone appreciates how technically difficult a capture this one was; handheld, max zoom, panning, with constantly changing focus as the plane moves closer toward me down the runway (I had to pre-focus at the estimated point of departure - fortunately at this long zoom the in-focus distance is long giving lots of latitude) and the back lighting against a dark background to catch the jet exhaust. The glimpse of sky under the port wing behind the engine and under the starboard rear stabilizer completes the framing. Without that sky, the plane would not look as much in flight and any higher, the jet exhaust would not be visible. Lastly the overall impact of the image for me is one of power. Not the most spectacular aircraft image I have taken but one of the most technically challenging. [Edit] I should also add I was shooting through ground haze and ground heating effects which account for the wavy leading edge of the wings and the wavy horizontal ground elements; had the atmospheric conditions been better for photography, had the humidity not been as high, and had this aircraft not gone as quickly from start up to take off, the jet exhaust would not have been visible.
Edited on Aug 16, 2010

Aug 16, 2010
    Probably not the most original pic in the bunch, but I love nice plane images, and this is certainly one. And with more technical difficulties than can be imagined at first sight. I can guess there's panning involved due to the nice blurred background, and that, along with the 420 mm focal lenght, makes the sharpness critical... and here it's superb! also the lightning conditions are difficult, and you have resolved that beautifully. All in all, a great capture, and makes my TT in such great competition, well done!! :-)

Guessing, I would say Jade, not only for the plane but for the great, so detailed extra info :-) Although the great PPing on the Tour de France pic puzzles me a lot :-D

Jade O.
Aug 15, 2010
    fc, took me a while to understand, 2 million mechanical parts together moving terrestrial beings skyward; glad you liked this; I have taken zillions of a/c shots but getting visible thrust is rare and always a real challenge so I was happy with this one for that reason.

Of course, what I could also have mentioned is that Navy Pilots achieve VR the moment they commence their takeoff roll and V2 as soon as they are airborne (as soon as they are off the runway, they actually sink below deck level so given thrust from even one engine slows the descent, in the context means that they have achieved V2 - a positive upward airborne velocity on one engine relative to the upward velocity they were achieving prior to V2 - which on the deck was zero - even though in the end all it means is that they merely lower their sink rate and delay a little longer getting wet!)

Aug 15, 2010
    you could have mentioned that an aircraft is 2m parts in close formation doing something not natural.
like this one

Jade O.
Aug 13, 2010
    The front office isn't as roomy but you can't beat the view. Pleased you like the shot - it is a lot harder to pan at full zoom through the ground heat convection than many might think to get this capture. Pleased as well you see why I had to shoot from the dark side.

Aug 13, 2010
    Well I'd rather be up in the front office than sitting in the back wondering if we have reached V2 yet - talk about power - try pucker power :-)) I remain convinced that all that effort back there does have some bearing on the aircraft gaining altitude LOL

Striking photo. I would have positioned myself on the sunny side and then I would have missed this great shot. Beautifully composed - love the power.
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