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  #102 B&W with a colour focal point
Entry 1 of 21
Blowing Bubbles       ©2011 Jade O.
Panasonic DMC-FZ30       1st place, 187 points
1/30s, f2.8, ISO 160, 35mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Crop, Desaturate, Layers, Resize, Sharpen. (Cropped Girl masking out background, added black background layer with light gradient, took desaturated girl, sharpened, took bubbles after masking out background and layered in bubbles; resized bubbles, adjusted opacity of triple bubble in hand, flattened, resized, sharpened.)       Extra Info: None
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Feb 13, 2012
    This is exactly what I'm talking about. I hope this comment causes you to LOOK at this work of art once again!

Jade O.
May 10, 2011
    Thanks everyone for your comments.

doto We would really like to see you here more often; voting and comments at least if not always time for entries.

RolandB Thanks!

Mepo Got to make sure those votes register next time!

Una I sure hope you get something in the next challenge; always look forward to seeing your entries.

Lo Pleased you enjoyed it!

out of focus Not so sure about any contest but always enjoy seeing your work.

andrew Thank you again.

fotto Hopefully I will give you reasons to say it again!

elliott LOL! I'm being careful with reflections!

May 5, 2011
    haven't been around for quite some time, and am not a master of time as I would like to be, but I still pop in every now and then, and this is shot is one of the reasons it's worth while doing so. A brilliant shot both for the theme of the challenge and for the great and perfect execution - well done yet again Jade!

May 4, 2011
    No surprise here! Congratulations on a very deserved win!

May 3, 2011
    I just checked and see that none of my votes registered. Last minute scramble I guess. Not that you needed any help.

May 3, 2011
    I blew it (pun intended). Thought Old Finn's shot was yours (certain you will take that as a compliment). Now I'm relieved that I didn't actually vote for your 1st in both LOL LOL

Loved everything about this shot. Congratulations. And felicitations to your beautiful model also.

May 3, 2011
    You have stolen my idea for the next challenge... ;-) But I would never be able to get such a charming result! Congratulations Jade! :-)

May 3, 2011
    Hey Jade - Well done - you really nailed the concept. I don't think I quite figured it out, but had fun trying. Beautiful lighting on your model and on the bubbles!

May 3, 2011
    amazing photo... not this theme, this photo will win any...

May 3, 2011
    Congrats! This was my number 1! Well deserved.

May 3, 2011
    Congrats! How many times I gotta say it?

May 2, 2011
    well done...AGAIN!!!! thought that was yours. i even zoomed in on the bubbles to see if your reflection was there.

Jade O.
May 2, 2011
    Bill, thanks! I sort of think of you as a veteran from the discipline of shooting film when taking a shot cost money and you had to think about whether you wanted to "waste" the film. I grew up with that and I think it makes you a better photog. I think sometimes it would be interesting to pair up with one or other of the panachallenge members and do a photo safari just to see how different we would approach the same subjects. I think shooting with you would be my first choice for the reasons I mentioned. I feel my film "development" was cut short by the advent of digital.

raf, Thanks. I think we think alike.

Thanks to all for your votes and especially your comments. This one was easy to do, almost effortless, and sometimes that is a good indicator that it is working out.

May 2, 2011
    Happy to see this fine effort in the win column. Also, a pleasure to share the top billing with you. I am in very good company.

May 2, 2011
    Had #1 and #2 in the other order in a close run contest for me. Probably only because I tend to favour found over made shots. I have a bias for walking around rather than sitting at my screen and that then gets reflected in how I vote I suppose. Well done to get the theme to work with the shot.
Edited on May 2, 2011

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May 2, 2011
    Clever idea and nicely executed. One of my top favorites.

May 2, 2011
    Really beautiful! This must be from Jade - if not, take it as a great compliment. And the bubbles are perfectly emphasized - almost in the typical Alberto style.
Very well done!
Ah yes, and a very nice composition too! ;-)

Jade O.
May 2, 2011
    Michael, maybe not the same as you are thinking? Thanks all the same! Comments and critiques are always appreciated.

Thanks Noodles; there is a complicated science that explains that colour but I can't remember what it is.

May 2, 2011
    #1 in the open as well. I can't believe I'm doing this LOL

May 2, 2011
    Love the colours of the bubbles

Jade O.
May 1, 2011
    Thanks, Raghu. Some concepts work out better than others. Unsure about how this will rank though.

LaRee, if you are following comments as an admin as they go on, I would still encourage you to vote; even if your preference is to rank non-PP entries higher, it is a valid point of view and every vote and comment is an encouragement to each one of us -- since we do not have a view counter, it is the only way to figure out whether anyone looks at what we post.

Apr 30, 2011
    Absolutely marvellous! Excellent idea and brilliant execution. It would be a wonder if this doesn't get the first rank. Congratulations!

Apr 30, 2011
    If this was in the main challenge I would rank it #1. I've many favorites in the open challenge this time and actually I am not even going to vote in the main challenge as I can't honestly pick 5 favorites there!

Jade O.
Apr 29, 2011
    raf I wanted the colour to have purpose and I think it does here. Not so in my main entry unfortunately.

LaRee, thanks. Interested to see how you will rank this one.

Roland, This is a very easy shot to make. Honest, you could do this no problem; I can step by step it if you want.

elliott Very little work and a very good model. I said, "Face the window and do this, and she did, first take!"

Apr 29, 2011
    I like this. One of the few shots where the colour is successful in dragging our eyes away from where they want to focus (which in this case would be the face).

Apr 29, 2011
    Nice. I anticipated that the best images would be from those who are adept at extensive post processing.

Apr 29, 2011
    And the winner is!!! Beautifully done. Great B&W photo to start, enhanced by the subtle addition of color. Teriffic lighting. Wish I'd been able to do something like this!!!

Apr 29, 2011
    very high in my pics after first go around. great composition and nice work.... lot of work. perfect for the challenge. good luck. el
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