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  #120 High or Low Angle Shot
Entry 6 of 22
Tin Soldiers       ©2012 Jade O.
Panasonic DMC-FZ30       6th place, 106 points
1/320s, f5.6, ISO 80, 35mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Crop, minor clone, Curves, Resize, Sharpen       Extra Info: March forward tin soldiers brave,
In face of musket flash and redoubt's rave,
Press on! Press on! - fallen souls are His to save,
Be it thine destiny next to lie in thy father's grave!

(I tried to achieve a roughly triangular composition with the subjects, and to emphasize the skyward muskets without going to a pure silhouette. I thought of playing with the cloud lighting but left it as shot since a discerning eye would sense the deliberate PP which might detract from the realism. I'll perhaps post more creative lighting in outtakes for feedback after the results are in. Only you can tell me if the mood and angle works here as presented.)
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Jade O.
Oct 22, 2012
    Thank you all for your votes and especially your comments. Each one is appreciated. But I do feel fortunate to have ranked this high with this entry.

mrsawyer You wouldn't have guessed?!
Lo Let me know if you like my outtakes better!
Bill See my outtakes to be overloaded with reenactment shots!

Oct 22, 2012
    An interesting subject and treatment! Who would have guessed this was a Jade O entry??? Congrats on your 6th place prize.

Oct 22, 2012
    I love photos that evoke a feeling - and this one certainly does - still high in my books!

Oct 22, 2012
    Well, I liked this much better than where it finished. I see so many reenactment shots winning contests that I am getting sick of them. If they were all of the caliber of this shot, I would not mind at all.

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Jade O.
Oct 22, 2012
    Lo I agree with your comments on composition and space though in my initial capture neither were in my considerations. (And you can see their faces - check out the outtakes.)

Mepo I do the same but the slide show is too fast for me. I am surprised that anyone would consider this a top pick - I didn't think it was that good. (Now let's see if Holmes can attribute the source for the quote - not a visual clue, I know but one for which I'm sure Holmes would be equal to the task).

Bill When you don't have much to work with, anything you do can add to it! A more ordinary presentation of the same frame will be posted in outtakes.

Oct 21, 2012
    I really like the triangular composition - leaving space at the front of the photo gives that feeling of forward motion. I get a sense of determination that makes me wish I could see their faces, even though I know this cannot be.

Oct 21, 2012
    I make my primary judgements from the slide show and then go back and look at the comments and the title. This one was a top choice on first sight, I saw a ghostly army marching purposely toward. The partial silhouette was a brilliant choice and worked well with the stormy sky. The free space on the right is perfect! Well done all around. Love the quotation too.

Oct 21, 2012
    A excellent example of how the angle makes the shot. The almost silhouette rendering and the foreboding sky add much.

Jade O.
Oct 21, 2012
    Adironack Gal. Actually, it did rain just as things wrapped up! [Edit] I will add, as cheesy as the re-enactment was, it did cause me to reflect more than I thought I would on just how ominous a scene this must have been historically -- walking in unison to line up and fire volleys at an opposing line doing the same. The horrific nature of that historical reality was brought home to those of us spectators watching from the side lines. Our imaginations ran rampant as we stood detached.

Old Finn Thanks for commenting. I'll also post what I think was a better take in outtakes.
Edited on Oct 22, 2012

Adirondack Gal
Oct 21, 2012
    This is an awesome image! When I look at it, I see a group of soldiers heading out to fight early in the morning. The grayness of the day suits the image, and gives a feeling of impending doom.

Old Finn
Oct 21, 2012
    Suits to the topic. The picture has good use of the idea of low angle here. Interesting composition. I wait for seeing the different exposures in the outtakes.

Jade O.
Oct 20, 2012
    hifi A clear winner?! I think not! Lol! But in retrospect, I think I should have entered the shot I'll post in outtakes. Appreciate the compliment though and your thoughts especially.

Oct 20, 2012
    I think the mood and angle, along with the triangular composition makes this a clear winner. Very good for the challenge! At first, I was debating if it would have been good to bring up the brightness just a little on the soldiers, but agree with you - it works just the way it is. My #1 vote.

Jade O.
Oct 20, 2012
    BarbroS / Steven Sobel I'll post the original in outtakes just to see if the artifact is still there and the head detail clearer. My challenge was to emphasize the muskets and triangular composition. The more detail, the less impressive they were (and maybe I should have used fill flash).

ambaker More triangles than I had intended but they are there and reinforce the composition. Thanks for pointing that out.

fc You and ambaker noted something not obvious to me. Thanks.

Oct 20, 2012
    On me this has a very powerful effect as a marching ghost army. Perfect composition .and pov. I would not have minded to see just a suggestion of detail in the heads now strictly silhouetted against the sky. But I am nobody. Your photo is a beauty!
Edited on Oct 20, 2012

Steven Sobel
Oct 20, 2012
    I think the composition does work really well, the overcast sky is fine, but I see a strange artifact line around the soldiers and their muskets. Might be from re-sizing, curves, or sharpening. Maybe fill-flash (compensated so you would still get the sky) would have helped, there can be an "uncanny valley" equivalent with silhouette, get too close without going all the way and it looks off.

Oct 19, 2012
    I like how the triangular theme is repeated in the men, the muskets, and the legs of the soldier with the white pants.

Oct 19, 2012
    the white trousers in the centre of the triangle base attracts the eye. I love this one
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