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  Mini#28 Best of 2014
Entry 23 of 40
Road Hogs       ©2015 Jade O.
Panasonic DMC-FZ30       23rd place, 46 points
1/200s, f3.6, ISO 100, 169mm, Manual, Spot, no flash
Post-Processing: Sharpen       Extra Info: Among my favourites of the year mostly because of the experience and because we just had to backtrack quick the h-ck out of there (and I loved the toe nails).
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Jan 13, 2015
    And in this challenges it would seem I have been a failure. And I'm sorry. (Not too much)

Jade O.
Jan 13, 2015
    Michael, I think that bit about "I don't have to outrun the [insert animal], I just have to outrun you!" doesn't apply in Africa. My guide in hiking boots out ran me, lol, (and he had the .458 calibre)!

Lo I think that one girl ended up with lung tissue in her brain. That said, it is easy to be a little harsh but having been there, you really are so completely in a foreign environment* it is really difficult to assess risk, so you rely heavily on your guide and whatever common sense and in the wild experience you can draw on. (*I mean, walking through tall grass knowing you wouldn't see a sleeping lion until you were within spitting distance - how do you assess the risks in that?)

Jan 12, 2015
    Jade - I heard a rumour that you gifted flip flops to the other members of your party but kept your own running shoes ;-)

Jan 12, 2015
    Read the news clips - I can't imagine getting out of my vehicle and turning my back on a rhino - you really have to wonder what some people use for brains.

Jade O.
Jan 12, 2015
    Thanks for all your votes and comments. Nothing beats being there!

mrsawyer, A little overexposed but yes that this the colour. It was January (rainy season) so everything was pretty green.

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Jan 12, 2015
    This one really brightened up my screen! Is that really the color of the grasses? Great shot of the big guys! In my favs..

Jade O.
Jan 12, 2015
    Michael. Thanks. You can't beat being there but this is really what you see (and when you least expect it!)

Lo Certainly they're among the most unpredictable but I'm guessing there are a few faster (humans are among the slowest though). I keep in touch with my walking safari guide and always has new stuff happening. This past month: "We have not walked a hundred meters, when an impala ewe came flying past us. If an impala is running past humans and not away, you know there is something much more threatening behind it. The next moment the wild dogs came running straight towards us..." It pretty much happens like that and while seeing wild dogs is very rare you really need to stay alert. The only bit I still wrestle with is that I have no way to assess the actual risk you take when you head out on foot but it is special even if you don't see anything up close (in part because even if you don't see anything you never really know what might have just sighted you.) What I was most happy about was traveling small and light (only two of us plus one guide) -- you (almost) become a part of the landscape which means you are q-u-i-e-t giving you a chance to see stuff but also, occasionally, yielding these sorts of surprises (which can work out well or not, depending on pure fate -see my note below to LaRee - before heading out we were told - Rule #1, Never run. You'll never outrun anything out there and you'll look like prey. Not to mention if you do survive, I'll then have the task of going and finding you. Rule #2, Never turn your back on a wild animal and that includes lions or anything else especially if they are charging at you. Of course, as you'll see below, no Rule is absolute - which is why you need a guide).
Edited on Jan 12, 2015

Jan 12, 2015
    Super shot! Love the pedicures :-)

Jan 12, 2015
    They look so nonchalant here, with their painted toenails - who would suspect that they are one of the fastest and fiercest animals in Africa. Great capture - glad you were using a long lens.

Jade O.
Jan 12, 2015
    LaRee, you are right.

From January of 2013
And in May of 2013

These are white rhinos. A little less dangerous than their rarely seen bush dwelling black rhino cousins but still you need to give them a wide berth -- they are still dangerously unpredictable.

It was a few days after this that we were caught by surprise by a black rhino (the first time I was the first to spot game in our group). There were three of us on foot and immediately after my proud announcement "Rhino!", our guide turned to us and answered, "Run!" And he wasn't kidding. He wanted us to really move and after a full out 60 foot sprint across the scrub uttered four words, "Get down...no noise". We hid in the tall grass motionless for ten minutes before the wind shifted and he had us off again full tilt to avoid what turned out to be a rhino charge in our former position. It made for the single most unforgettable moment of the trip. (Rhino's go from stopped to 20 m.ph. in about four strides.)
Edited on Jan 12, 2015

Jan 11, 2015
    Is that rhino giving you the stink eye? I am quite sure I wouldn't be comfortable coming across these two on the loose. I've seen rhino's fight before and man they are brutal.

Jade O.
Jan 11, 2015
    johncomyn Yup, too close! We didn't stick around to get the next shot. I think they're adults but I couldn't guess how old. The young ones just look young.

kerszhavet Sometimes it just works out. The trade off was the slight over-exposure everywhere else.

aoc46 Definitely but while I could darken it a bit (probably should) I just liked to show one SOOC.

cookiejar And lucky to get out of there without further incident.
Edited on Jan 11, 2015

Jan 11, 2015
    Must have been quite close at 169mm, like your composition and good choice not to include any sky. they seem quite young?

Jan 11, 2015
    not to be argued with!
sounds like an amazing experience...
great detail on the skin

Jan 11, 2015
    Nice animal shot, but somewhat over-exposed.

Jan 11, 2015
    You have made the most of a lucky sighting with these two.

Jade O.
Jan 10, 2015
    Steve Bee Yes. Every year there are people who end up not as lucky as we were.

fc No question about it!

Jan 10, 2015
    Whoa! You were pretty close. Those boys are pretty rough. Very nice capture.

Jan 10, 2015
    yes the toes were by revlon ???
they look peaceful but .............pack a weight for a veggie

Jade O.
Jan 9, 2015
    I thought it was overexposed, too. It is SOOC, I think. As for the experience, I do want to go back; I've heard very nice things about Botswana - safe and hospitable people but not commercial at all.

Jan 8, 2015
    incredible, unforgettable experience you had. great shot. looks like early morning or late in day from the shadows. (i feel it may be a bit overexposed... i saved your shot and opened with faststone to adjust contrast, sat, and highlights just a bit. maybe it is my monitor. will look at it on computer at work tomorrow.)
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