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  #153 Industrial Landscapes
Entry 16 of 24
Industrial Sunset?       ©2015 kerszkavet
Panasonic DMC-FZ150       15th place, 65 points
1/100s, f4.1, ISO 160, 339mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Panaroma stitch in PSE from 3 originals
Some cloning to cover blurred segments
      Extra Info: In this part of London, the change between Britain's history as the 'workshop of the world' and London's reliance on the financial industry is stark.

The Tate & Lyle sugar refinery on the right is probably one of the last major manufacturing sites in the Docklands area (and in London itself, for that matter)

Since the death of the docks, regeneration has come to the area - most notably the new finance hub of Canary Wharf on the Isle of Dogs. As well as finance, we now rely on the leisure and the tourism industries, represented here by the Millennium Dome.
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Feb 16, 2015
    thanks everyone for the interesting comments.
yes, it is a bit dark, but the sun was going down!

... but it means you look at the shapes, the outlines of the buildings - and the refinery then doesn't look so dissimilar to the glass and steel skyscrapers.

it was also a sufficiently melancholy light that met the mood of the subject.

I did take a similar shot earlier in the day and will post it in outtakes, but I definitely preferred this one for having more character and interest.

Feb 15, 2015
    I'm torn between liking the background blended together by the fading light or wanting to see some colour or detail in there. Right on theme and an excellent comment on the changing face of the city.

Feb 15, 2015
    A really nice composition juxtaposing the new financial London and the old industrial London. It's definitely in my top ten, however, the sugar refinery and the newer buildings need some more contrast, or something, in order to stand out better. If that was done, this might have been my favorite.

Jade O.
Feb 14, 2015
    Beautiful subtle light and colour; so subtle, I think some might pass this one over without noticing the exceptional detail you've captured in a limited range palette. The horizon is a little off level.

Feb 14, 2015
    Nicely composed; like the way the floating object in the foreground adds depth to the scene. The color is a bit somber for my taste.
Edited on Feb 15, 2015

Feb 14, 2015
    Definitely a good choice for a panoramic shot. I like the inclusion of the bouy in the foreground - I think it adds depth. The photo is a tad on the murky side, but while that limits the detail it does add atmosphere

Feb 14, 2015
    before long we will all need air tickets to get a picture of a working factory.
like the result here the mooring bouy bottom right makes a nice balance

Feb 14, 2015
    Really like the way you've got the bank's skyscrapers and the 'proper' industrial buildings. Love the dusky light. Good title.

Feb 13, 2015
    The enlarged image looks much better than the thumbnail, I think because the haziness of the atmosphere (smog?) hides the details of the background buildings until you view the larger photo. But this is also the main flaw to the entry, IMO. The murkiness of the atmosphere and the loss of detail is, to my eye, less pleasing than it might have been if the photo was taken on a clearer day (assuming that was possible!).

Feb 13, 2015
    Lit dark, but all exposed. I'd clone out that barrel in right down corner...just rubbish.

Feb 13, 2015
    Nicely composed and executed.

Feb 13, 2015
    Very atmospheric and fits the challenge well but I find the overall image rather dark, but maybe that is your intention.

Feb 13, 2015
    Fits the theme very well, with lots of interest from foreground to background. The lighting conditions are something for me to aim for, caught at just the right time. Maybe just clone out the flying objects.

Feb 12, 2015
    Theme - 4
Technical - 3 flat, low contrast, dullish color
Composition - 3 no specific subject
Originality - 3
Overall impression - 3 Perhaps it would be better with different light
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