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  #170 Rule of Thirds, Again
Entry 9 of 26
California Poppy       ©2016 ysal
Panasonic DMC-GX7       9th place, 94 points
1/4000s, f4, ISO 320, 120mm, Aperture Priority, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Very little PP used here. Brightened the main flower. Cloned out few blemishes on the flower. Cropped and resized.       Extra Info: Right now is the season for California Poppies. They can be found growing wildly turning entire hillside orange. This one was growing at a botanic garden. There were other colorful flowers growing adjacent, which gave it the pretty background. The sun was very bright so I shot into the sun to give it bit contrast and shadow. Also played with aperture to get the right level of bokeh.
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Apr 19, 2016
    Thank you for all the nice comments. I really appreciate it.

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Apr 18, 2016
    Nice shot, placement, colors but foreground a little out of focus, unless on purpose.

Apr 18, 2016
    In my opinion, the best of the flower shots on this side. I love the colorful background. It is just right and enhances the main subject. A favorite.

Anthony Comyn
Apr 18, 2016
    Lovely colours, even in the background. Not being able to see what is just sticking out of the flower is a little bothersome. nicely composed...

Apr 18, 2016
    A wonderful shot - love the colors and the pops of color in the bokeh area. For me, this is already very good, but to make it "wall worthy", it would have been nice to capture some details on the inside of the flower, either by shooting from a slightly higher vantage point, or pulling down that front petal out of the way.

Apr 18, 2016
    Very nice bokeh, and colour. Would be nice if the front petal was in focus.

Apr 18, 2016
    Beautifully vibrant. I love the bokeh. High in my favourites.

Apr 18, 2016
    A very lovely flower shot, love the colours and composition - though I would not have minded a little more depth of field to incllude the whole flower in focus. Still a beauty of a shot!

Apr 17, 2016
    Composition is right on theme, but I wish the closest flower petals were more in focus. Love the colors, especially the background spots of red and yellow-orange that interplay with the foreground.

Apr 16, 2016
    Simply delightful, after a dull month of March.

Apr 15, 2016
    your speed and dof separates the main subject from the background enabling a freeze in the flowerhead

Apr 15, 2016
    Very pretty.

Apr 14, 2016
    Beautiful color, lighting, and bokeh. A little more depth of field towards the front of the main flower would have worked a bit better for me. Still a beautiful image of my all time favorite flower.
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By ysal

United States

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