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  #218 The Rule of 3 (NOT the Rule of Thirds)
Entry 18 of 19
3 bins are watching over the water tower       ©2019 Thivi
Panasonic DMC-G80       18th place, 5 points
1/4000s, f4, ISO 200, 28mm, Aperture Priority, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: MidTones +30%
Microcontrast +25%
Saturation + 20%
      Extra Info: 3 pits of compost in the foreground, 3 layers in the image
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Jul 1, 2019
    I like the detail you have managed to capture, especially in the boxes and in the sky. Nicely composed.

Jul 1, 2019
    Thanks all for your constructive comments.
I agree that the water tower could be more visible if the format was landscape and that the bins are somewhat blocking the eye.
@kerszkavet: composing for 3 rows of trees is a great idea, unfortunately I did not think of that !
Edited on Jul 1, 2019

Jul 1, 2019
    Nice contrast of colours and textures.

While the sky is interesting and well-balanced exposure-wise, for me there is a bit too much of it.

I find the water tower and the rows of trees to be much more interesting than the bins. The trees are great leading lines towards the background and the tower - whereas the bins feel like an obstacle, forcing the eye to stay in the foreground, even moving out of the picture to the right.

Had you considered composing for three rows of trees rather than the three bins?

Old Finn
Jun 30, 2019
    Nice picture. In my favorites.

Jun 29, 2019
    "Three" is not very prominent but nice shot with a cool sky and interesting building in the distance.

Jun 29, 2019
    Nice composition and balanced... looks just a bit flat maybe more saturation or darken the clouds (top 1/3).

Jun 27, 2019
    The most intriguing part of the image is the unusual water tower. Unfortunately it is so small that it is hard to appreciate. To my eye this should be a landscape rather than portrait format image. The outer bins being cutoff disrupts the threesome aspect. Also, my eye prefers perfect symmetry. The shot is angled relative to the compost bins rather than perpendicular and the bins are not centered. The massive bins in the foreground create sort of a barrier to the eye entering the frame.
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