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  #234 Dutch Angle
Entry 5 of 18
Humber River Pedestrian Bridge at Sunset       ©2020 Jade O.
Panasonic DMC-FZ30       5th place, 115 points
1/200s, f5.6, ISO 80, 35mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Quite a bit. Removed five high rise residential towers, some people, used perspective tool, rotated, curves, selective adjustment contrast and brightness on lower half of image, cloned out distracting elements, adjust skyline to a more natural landscape, resized, sharpened.       Extra Info: Wondrous in design and engineering, I tried to get a fresh perspective on an iconic bridge; no matter how often I visit, I notice new details I had not seen before.
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Jade O.
47 days ago
    Lo : ) Now you're blowing up my photos...

Michael You never told me she was handy with explosives; you were always attracted to the dangerous ones...btw I am with you on straightening the photo! The Thunderbird theme is an intrinsic part of the fabric of Canadian culture, at least in this province, I think but I wonder how much of the new generation has that appreciation for our history, peace order and good government, and so on. Just don't get me started on how unbalanced the wealth distribution has become and the spill over adverse effects on everything from local democracy, to civic participation, to a sense of duty to country and fellow man...

48 days ago
    OMG - that comment really didn't come out right! What I meant was that I blew up the photo until the sky over the bridge was eliminated. It gave a totally different feeling to the photo.

48 days ago
    I'm not absolutely sure (and don't wish to find out) but I suspect if you remove the sky (also called the celestial zone) you will cure all the COVID problems in one go.
O.K. Kidding aside, I do like it better with the piece of sky above the bridge removed, but then the photo has to be straightened. I like the Thunderbird lifting off both ways.

Jade O.
48 days ago
    Thanks ysal. I'll see if I can upload in outtakes...

49 days ago
    My No. 1. This works so well in so many levels.

Jade O.
49 days ago
    Thanks Lo. No idea what's left when you remove the sky!

Thank you all for your votes and especially your comments. Each one is appreciated. I am surprised this did as well as it did since I just don't like the angle!

49 days ago
    Congratulations on another great shot - You know, I blew up the photo to remove the sky above the bridge - It created a rather interesting perspective.

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Jade O.
50 days ago
    Mepo You're right of course, I could align with the vertical and have the rail end at the corner. But I though this was already a failed image from the standpoint that the off angle just wasn't working for me so I didn't really go any further in pp. The fact that quite a few like it is a pleasant surprise (but I still don't like it very much).

50 days ago
    I've never seen the Thunderbird motive work so clearly, the lighting here makes it stand out for me. The panels look like a rising bird in stop motion. Well done! Minor points - Why not have the right side cables align with the photo frame and perhaps the right-hand railing exit at the corner.

Jade O.
50 days ago
    Lo Thanks. I actually don't like the tilt at all and didn't think it helped the shot maybe because I keep unconsciously tilting my head to see it upright : )

50 days ago
    i like the tilt on this - it adds interest to the photo, specially with the sun highlighting the architecture.

Jade O.
50 days ago
    Carrie I wanted to tilt less!

Maike I was so unsure about the angle; I'm pleased it works for you.

breadmaker I notice the monitor makes all the difference. My work monitor is not calibrated and it looks too dark, but my home monitor is properly calibrated and I see a lot of definition but even then, it could be lighter to bring out more detail.

50 days ago
    Spectacular structure. I think you could have tilted it a little more.

51 days ago
    Love this shot and dutch angle works great here. The darker shoreline and river really emphasizes the bridge structure against the sky.

51 days ago
    Interesting shapes and patterns and I like your chosen angle. If anything I would have liked the shoreline a tad lighter to reveal more detail but in my TT

Jade O.
51 days ago
    jomari thanks. Sometimes planners get things right and this critical peace of architecture along Toronto's waterfront trail is one good example. Still not sure if the tilt adds anything though!

ysal No question during the day it is all white and you lose a lot of definition in the sunlight. Like all great pieces of architecture, it changes as the light changes.

52 days ago
    What a beautiful bridge! It must be lovely to walk across and admire the views. Well up in my tt.
Edited on Aug 29, 2020

52 days ago
    You're right, this is an amazing piece of architecture, almost serpentine, or a dragon reaching out to you when shot at this angle. What is also amazing to me is the time of day you picked to shoot this. The lighting, shadow and contrasts are used perfectly. You could easily loose the details in the background.

52 days ago
    Nice light, but I'm not sure the tilt is used to best advantage. The left side curve in interesting but becomes less so as it flattens out -consider cropping some of that. All the triangles in the main structure suggest some intriguing possibilities also.

Jade O.
52 days ago
    kerszkavet Thanks. The idea was to help the viewer focus on the bridge but somehow I feel I have fallen short with this image. I can't help feel that horizontally oriented, it would have been just as good a result.

52 days ago
    The tilt really helps the viewer focus on the details. Good composition - I like the way you have leading lines from the left and near vertical cables on the right side. Nice lighting and clouds, too.

Jade O.
53 days ago
    fc I actually cleaned this one up quite a bit and pulled a number of people off the bridge in pp. I think I had a better image but wanted to through this one in even though I thought it wouldn't place as well because this one is a more complex image and I am hopeful to learn something with the feedback. This doesn't quite work for me because I want to keep tilting my head to view this straight up so I think it is a failed image from that standpoint. I'm just not sure how to shoot this bridge off angle (other than straight up and rotate) though I have tried here to give the angle a reason.

54 days ago
    the guys looking on the right side need to space out . works very well
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