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  #235 Water, Water, Everywhere
Entry 6 of 23
Water Fairy       ©2020 Jade O.
Panasonic DMC-FZ30       6th place, 83 points
1/4s, f3.2, ISO 200, 75mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Quite a bit. Two main images, glass table shot and dancing girl sculpture (larger than life size statue), plus various dye in water shots extensively manipulated to reproduce figure. Lots of layering and curves, selective cloning.       Extra Info: Two main images, table shot and dancing girl sculpture in photoframe (larger than life size statue), plus various dye in water shots
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Jade O.
28 days ago
    Lo I agree. Compliments are nice but critique is where you learn something. I shot a few lake scenes and thought, this is pretty but standard and for me, boring, I need something to push the envelope. I know when you shake people out of their comfort zone you can't expect to get wide acceptance (people like comfort) and the water figure could have been better, but I had fun and am surprised this made the top ten actually. Now my Main I thought would have got there if only for the nicely done reflections but you just never know and my guess is that that one is even further from comfortable. I was surprised so many had an adverse reaction to it.

28 days ago
    I really enjoyed this shot, and once again, learned a lot from the comments and critiques that it engendered. Thanks for pushing the envelope.

Jade O.
28 days ago
    Thanks fc, Maike I thought I'd try something different and had fun with this one. Some obvious flaws which many noted for me to consider next time.

Thank you for your votes and especially your comments. Each one is appreciated.

29 days ago
    Personally I though this shot was the only one that came close to the quality of the two winners (Main and Open). It did occur to me that perhaps cutting off part of the dancer in the picture frame might be helping avoid a distraction, and perhaps that is true. I'd need to see shots both with and without a whole second dancer to tell for sure :-)

29 days ago
    My number one. great result JadeO
answer to Mepo, using skills learnt in the last challenge using tilt[dutch Angle]

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29 days ago
    By cropping the figure in the picture frame, it gave me the impression that it just happened to be in the photo. As I paid more attention, the creativity and genius of the entry came through. Too bad about the tilt, that I believe would be quite difficult to fix (considering the tilted water in the glass).

Jade O.
29 days ago
    Mepo I noticed the appearance of tilt when I lined the image up with the camera on tripod, corrected the tilt to level and took a few shots the night before deadline. Only later did I note it had tilted again but by that time it was too late to correct.

Lo Thank you. The dye figure was a composite of maybe a dozen dye crops. Always interesting to read different reactions.

29 days ago
    Intriguing. Lovely result. Why is it tilted?

29 days ago
    Top marks for creativity. I don't know how you managed to piece this together, but I think the final result is great.

Jade O.
31 days ago
    Well I'm thinking of taking a shot at more "real" surreal images and we'll see if the reaction is any more positive. I think we're a long way past worrying about whether applying pp means the resulting image isn't really photography but I know Steve for one probably would not agree with me on that point. I just had some fun with the concept of engineered dye in water -- also perhaps the figure is too perfect a copy and too unrealistic - the figure upside down might be more of what you would expect from dye in water....start narrow and go wide. On the whole I agree that all the critique so far makes some valid points which helps me consider what I could have done better.
Edited on Sep 20, 2020

31 days ago
    While beautifully done, i'm very torn about images which are completely the result of PP. At some point, it becomes a work of art but not photography. Is that bad? I don't know. After all, this website is defined as "the home of free photography challenges and forums"

Jade O.
32 days ago
    aoc46 Well no matter what else is going on, I read the Challenge topic literally..."but water should clearly be the subject of your shot." Now my intent was that the subject was clearly the water in the glass and what is going on in there, with the other elements being supportive...btw you could drink the water, those are food dyes, but I doubt you'd want to risk ruining a good vodka!

Phil Glad someone saw it the way I intended. The figure is actually lost in this image size which is too bad. Maybe I should have done just the top of the glass. Thanks.

Maike I concur the dye bottles distract a bit but I thought the addition of a narrative made them necessary. For me the crop would make the image too crowded and I deliberately clipped the left side to force attention to the glass figure and away from the photo of the sculpture. Overall the scene is a little barren and could have been made more cohesive, but it was an experiment I wanted to try and have fun with. [Edit] I did try your crop and think you are right, I should have cropped the right side tighter.
Edited on Sep 20, 2020

32 days ago
    Intriguing concept, skillfully executed. IMO, there's too much else going on for this to seem a shot about water. That might even be generous glass of vodka. (Hmm, maybe you could start a new cocktail craze!)

32 days ago
    The glass with the dyes alone would be a great image, but the picture of the dancer makes it ingenious. Really clever!

32 days ago
    What a wonderful idea and such artistic talent with the dancer in the glass. I love the inclusion of the dye bottles and paint brushes, which add a nice narrative. I do find the dye bottles compete for attention just a little though. I think croppimg the shot tighter on the right, just a little past the red bottle, would eliminate this. Ideally, it would also be nice to see all of the dancer on the left, although I suspect there may be other elements in the framed picture that caused you to crop it where you did. Despite these minor reservations, I do really love this shot :-)

Jade O.
32 days ago
    fc Thanks.

Steve Appreciate the critique and you make valid points even if I disagree with them. The two subject composition (frame and glass) would make an already stark image barren, in my view, and remove the context and story of how the image was theoretically made. And I think using the whole image and photo frame would pull too much attention away from the subject. That said, I know from past comments you dislike open rectangles and feel it is better compositionally to always "complete the square" which is a valid viewpoint, just one I don't agree with aesthetically. I do agree the composition needs more work...the glass is too isolated and the tie in to the other elements is a little tenuous so the image overall is not as cohesive as it should be. To me it looks like object, object, object, instead of a whole cohesive scene and the flat background may have a lot to do with that too.
Edited on Sep 19, 2020

32 days ago
    very creative with the dyes

32 days ago
    Clever, but I don't care for the composition. The right half is unnecessary and cutting off the dancer in the picture frame ruins it for me.
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