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  #236 Furniture
Entry 2 of 20
Big Screen Chair       ©2020 Jade O.
Panasonic DMC-FZ30       2nd place, 141 points
1/30s, f2.8, ISO 100, 37mm, Normal Program, Pattern, flash
Post-Processing: Shot chair, television, window, scene, expanded wall and floor, mounted TV, inserted view, mounted window, inserted view, adjust curves, various clone out and smudge       Extra Info: None
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47 days ago
    Honestly, I voted very quickly and paid little attention to the Extra Info. I recall wondering how the image was shot. One possibility I considered was that you took a photo of the outside scene, somehow loaded the resulting image onto the TV screen, and then took a single shot of the scene. To me, that would be a completely legitimate photo, not computer art. So, yes, had I known how you actually created the image, I would have voted differently.

Jade O.
47 days ago
    Oh oh. I just realized extra info. meant that part that is visible during voting. Steve, you are right. This image should be disqualified from the voting tally.

While those commenting seemed to appreciate this was a composite image, there is no way of knowing if all who voted did, and, I assume given Steve's first place vote, and his own views of what constitutes photography, that he didn't and wouldn't have voted for this entry if he did.
Edited on Oct 14, 2020

Jade O.
47 days ago
    I've added this comment after Steve's later comment above this one, but to clarify for Steve and others, there were four images at play here. The first image is of the chair on the floor in front of a blank wall, then to that I added the second image of the TV, the third image was the window, and the fourth image was the scene outside the window that you will find in outtakes.
Edited on Oct 14, 2020

47 days ago
    If I understand your post-processing explanation, you composited multiple separate shots to create the final image. If I understand the rules of the challenge, the use of multiple exposures must be declared in the extra info. You didn't do that.

Although I found the entry to be creative and well done, I think images constructed in this way are computer art rather than photography.

48 days ago
    Congratulations, very clever and well done.

48 days ago
    I really enjoyed this shot. Excellent workmanship piecing it all together.

48 days ago
    Congratulations on 2nd Jade. It's a very creative entry. I must admit I was in the 'horizons should line up camp', but I could see that that would disrupt the continuity with the road. I'll check out your original in outtakes.

Jade O.
49 days ago
    Thank you all for your votes and comments. See outtakes for some alternate views.

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49 days ago
    Well done!

Jade O.
49 days ago
    jomari. I'll put the original outside shot in outtakes.
Edited on Oct 12, 2020

50 days ago
    You have composited the view into the screen and the window? Very creative.

Jade O.
51 days ago
    aoc I always considered TV part of furniture but certainly the chair isn't as prominent as in my main entry.

kerszkavet I'll post an angle shot in outtakes but I was inspired to try a "flat" minimal depth of field shot. I have a long way to go before I can execute a "Christopher Pratt" but the effect is promising.

Lo I try. If it can't be great photography I figure at least I can try to be original and entertaining.

51 days ago
    I think I'm seeing outdoors through the window and the same view on the TV; sorting this out takes much of my attention away from the chair. Well-executed, nonetheless.

51 days ago
    Nice view!
I think the straight-on chair is a bit lost in this picture - had you considered turning it to an angle?

51 days ago
    Very creative - the repetition of the scene from the window to the big screen is really well done. I like the balance and simplicity in the composition.

Jade O.
52 days ago
    johncomyn I deliberately sought having the horizons on different levels to draw attention to the different realities but the sweep of the road inadvertently lined up (suggesting it was planned?). You're the second one to comment on that horizon so I suppose if viewers react that it should be lined up then it must be.

Bill Nice to have your comments. I was stuck with the Challenge topic so I felt the title had to reflect it here.

Phil Yes I was showing the irony of how we fixate on technology and miss reality.

ysal As you will see in the Extra Info only the chair floor and wall were in the first shot, everything else was added.

Maike I had the same reaction. I was trying for a bit of Christopher Pratt "flat surrealism" which compresses depth of field to the point that objects appear "stuck on" rather than integrated in the environment.This needs more work to fully obtain the effect but I set out to do this shot about 10:30 p.m. the night before deadline (excepting the outside shot which I got more than a week earlier.)

fc I've always liked those "live wall" effects.


52 days ago
    Clever but your horizons should of met up!

52 days ago
    Two windows on the world. I like the enigmatic statement and also the comp.The scenery is not bad either!

52 days ago
    Weirdly humorous the way someone can sit and watch TV or just look out the window at the same view. Very different and very good.

52 days ago
    Very clever idea. I can tell that the big screen image is added in by PP since it's near impossible to photograph something on a monitor. Then I assume the window view is also added? It's nicely done and came out great. Couple of things that bother me though, the horizon not lining up between the the two views (the path does), and I'm not sure about the internal lighting. Use of flash seems unnatural and harsh.

Based on the skillful use of PP, I'm guessing who the photographer is, and I admit I like this shot.

52 days ago
    This is a beautiful shot so I'm sure it will make my TT, but my first reaction was a bit like "What beautiful pictures. Oh yes, there is a piece of furniture in the shot", Subsequent viewings have moderated that initial reaction somewhat, although I still feel the chair could be a bit more prominent.
Edited on Oct 9, 2020

53 days ago
    big screen are very useful as photo frames
I have seen one with curtains either side with a video camera showing the outside patio
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