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  Mini#48 Monochrome
Entry 10 of 22
Wind turbines under the snow       ©2021 Thivi
Panasonic DMC-G80       10th place, 59 points
1/2000s, f7.1, ISO 200, 16mm, Aperture Priority, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Silver Efex
Brightness and Contrast up
      Extra Info: It was very cold. The camera held up, but the photographer didn't!
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10 days ago
    This shot gives a great impression of how tall these wind turbines really are.

10 days ago
    Oh yes - that looks bitterly cold, and the wind turbines have an alien look to them. The angle is well chosen to underline the immensity , and the turbulent sky makes a great background.

Old Finn
10 days ago
    Interesting view. Well composed, good sharpness and lightness, but did you try perspective correction?

10 days ago
    Lovely crisp image with interesting sky. I think the tilt works on this one.

11 days ago
    nice angle and great clouds

Jade O.
11 days ago
    16mm is such a dramatic lens to use! This is a powerful image with the cloud being responsible for much of it. However the subject clearly dominates and because it is off vertical I get vertigo. I think it needs to be aligned exactly on the vertical though that does run the risk of bisecting the shot. Somehow the angle despite the chance of adding movement just makes me think things are unbalanced.The downward curve of the horizon on the left only adds to the effect. Nice photo though.

11 days ago
    You've really captured the height and magnificence of the turbines.

12 days ago
    This is a very interesting perspective and the subject is very clear. The sky needs some smoothing out of the noise. The sun is clearly behind the subject, yet somehow the top of the tower and blades are miraculously lit up brightly.

12 days ago
    You caught a good angle of the turbine relative to the tower, helping fill the top of the frame. Good tonal values also.

12 days ago
    At first I wasn't sure about the tilt of the tower but the more I look at it, the more I like since it gives a sense of dynamic strength to the image. Do these make strange sounds standing close? I was near one once and the sound the the blades moving was very odd.
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