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  Mini#19 HDR
Entry 7 of 17
Shell Gas, Whitby, Ontario       ©2009 Jade O.
Panasonic DMC-FZ30       7th place, 81 points
1/10s, f2.8, ISO 100, 35mm, Manual, Spot, no flash
Post-Processing: Used Qtpfsgui for the first time for this image. Impressive software and fairly user friendly given I've used it for about 2 hours to get to this point. I chose the most extreme tonal range I could find and I'm not disappointed with the end result -- this is pretty close to what the eye sees. I wish I had more time to play before deadline.       Extra Info: This is a four image composite. Two images combined in Qtpfsgui then stitched in Panorama Maker. Denoised in Noiseware. Used perspective tool in GIMP to get verticals vertical. Very slight sharpening to compensate for resizing. Resized in GIMP.
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Jade O.
May 26, 2009
    Thank you all for your votes and comments. I am really surprised to have finished in the top ten. Alberto, your entry really is a deserving winner. See you all on the next Challenge!

May 26, 2009
    Dear Jade,some times people want to see astonishing images...Your caption is very traditional...
But it's well composed,perfectly tone mapped,
full of beautyfull colors...For me it's the best of the main category!
Edited on May 26, 2009

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Jade O.
May 25, 2009
    Thanks dodrizzt but I'm not sure why this image is so broadly appealing -broadly meaning more than to just one or two (my own thinking is most aligned with rafinmelb's thoughts); I did my best on a short timeline and in my first try with HDR. I really didn't expect to pick up much in votes especially with the quality of the entries but obviously there is something more broadly appealing in the image than I first suspected. I wonder if Akebono's idea is best -perhaps we have all traveled and refueled at night when the beauty of the lit station has delivered an unexpected appeal and comfort. (I agree the light flare on the pole light is a major detraction.)
And obviously Alberto (boar76) and you have both pegged my style! I'm definitely trying to avoid a night shot in the next challenge!
Edited on May 25, 2009

May 25, 2009
    A very appealling image, I have to try that software for sure, nice result! Along with the extra job of making it a Pano...
To find a minor fault, I'm not so fond of the reflections from the clsest lamp, a bit "strange" and call my eyes for more attention than needed. But a minor fault, and your pic is still my #4 fav, good luck!!
(My try to guess this time... is this yours, Jade? I'm almost sure, another nice nocturnal pic :-) If you're not Jade, please forgive me and take this comment as a nice cumpliment :-)

Jade O.
May 23, 2009
    mrssawyer. I'm honoured by your ranking though I confess given the many great submissions, I really didn't expect anyone to rate this number 1. All the same, I'm very impressed with the Qtpfsgui software which made this shot possible. And thank you for explaining your thoughts -- it is always interesting to hear what others think and your taking the time to explain the process leading to your vote is especially appreciated.
Edited on May 23, 2009

May 23, 2009
    When I first saw this photo, I thought, "why would anyone shoot this?" As I looked at it again, something about its simplicity made me like it more and more. It eventually became my number one choice!

Jade O.
May 23, 2009
    rafinmelb, I was thinking of you with this one as I recall you don't like overprocessed HDR any more than I do. I agree with all of your comments. My first HDR and minimal time to work on composition or a more alluring subject. This is simply an exercise in trying my hand at HDR after a full day at work on the day before deadline. Self-critiquing, I reached on this one trying to obtain the extraordinary out of the ordinary but fell short. I think the composition is well balanced, and the "V" formed by the roofline and the truck is reinforced by the parallel lines in the secondary building and the underside of the roof which is "V" shaped in perspective. There is a theatrical lighting effect with the pumps taking "center stage" and I like the way the pumps and roof are set off by the lighting, but I remain bothered a bit by the light pole and the truck which despite the effort to balance the massing of image (heavy dark elements on either side contrasting with the light, airy and almost ethereal pump cover structure), the light pole and the truck seem oddly detached from the rest of the image - I think the dragged red tail light(s) between the truck and the pump should be cloned out to help avoid that separation). And I keep wondering if the sign on the pole is a distraction better cloned out (cover the sign with your fingers and you'll get an idea of just how much that sign draws attention from the subject -- but without it that side may be too empty and lacking in mass, so is it more complimentary and supportive than competitive? I just don't know and in the end, the image isn't so strong that it makes much difference I suppose). Perhaps if the building cut off to the right was whole, or if the pole light flare was less prominent or otherwise better controlled.. or perhaps if I just chose a more interesting subject....
Edited on May 23, 2009

May 23, 2009
    I am torn by this one. Technically very well done, with the HDR not intruding. Compositionally quite well done as well with the various elements being strong in a sparse composition. Somehow though It does not grab me like some of the others do which is a shame given the technical competence.

Jade O.
May 22, 2009
    akebono, I am especially pleased you cannot see this is an HDR pp'd photo. I do not much like HDR that looks over processed. The contrast between the extreme whites in the lighting, and the dark tones in the truck, pavement, night sky and vehicles, is well beyond the range of my FZ-30 sensor to obtain in one capture. This is my first true HDR photo and I am very impressed with the Qtpfsgui software.

May 22, 2009
    You put a lot of effort, my dear friend from Canada, but to be honest with you, I can´t see any detail that could reveal, that this is a HDR ppéd picture.

Anyhow, I like it a lot because there is some sort of "hit the road" atmosphere in it so I put it in my top five.

Good luck with it !

Jade O.
May 22, 2009
    Thanks, Alberto. I'll try something less recognizable for your challenge!

May 22, 2009
    Emh...Yesterday I told you I like your style....
Your rendition of night photography is great!
Good work Jade!(If I'm wrong forgive me!) :-)
P.S. Very very attracting composition
Edited on May 22, 2009

Jade O.
May 21, 2009
    Thanks, LaRee. My first try at true HDR. I wish I'd had more time to play with different options including processing a two image HDR then using the new HDR image to try a third image (to see if the result differs from processing three at the same time which I tried but reverted to two as three didn't work for me as well here.) There are so many good (better) entries in this challenge though. I'm so impressed with some of the other photo's.
Edited on May 21, 2009

May 21, 2009
    You put extra effort into this image and is shows. Very well done.
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