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  #70 Everyday Things
Entry 8 of 25
Everyday Fruit       ©2009 Jade O.
Panasonic DMC-FZ30       8th place, 84 points
2s, f11, ISO 80, 35mm, Manual, Spot, no flash
Post-Processing: Crop, sharpen, resize       Extra Info: Just what was in my fridge.
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Dec 13, 2009
    Hi Jade, nice pic!!
On my usual self-game on guessing whose is each one pic, I thought this could be from Franz... and Franz's one could be from you, as I always like your "blue" touch in the pics... so I made a nice great mess LOL!!!
(Anyway, I liked your pics as always, messing or not :-D :-D)

Jade O.
Dec 11, 2009
    Thank you for all your votes and comments. Each one is appreciated.

Dec 11, 2009
    Congratulations Jade!
And forget my nagging about the light. The other comments proofed I'm wrong - and maybe my monitor is too bright...

Dec 7, 2009
    Jade, my #1! Congratulations to a TT place!!!

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Jade O.
Dec 7, 2009
    Thanks, Maike, I'm pleased to see my attention to lighting paid off on this one.

Dec 7, 2009
    Love the lighting on this one. Takes a fairly ordinary still life of some fruit to a much more interesting level.

Jade O.
Dec 7, 2009
    handw88 As you can see from the discussion with Raf below, I struggled a bit with the same issue you have raised.

Billy, I agree that fruit is really not boring but because like you, I generally just enjoy eating it but not appreciate as much the visual beauty, I thought this might qualify.

Alberto, I sense you are more a man of action! But, like me, it is well composed!

Dec 7, 2009
    like the light and compostion. imo, if the subjects shift towards right a little bit, it may look more balance. anyway, i like this shot.

Dec 7, 2009
    I'm not sure if everybody would consider that nice friuts as a "boring everyday thing"... but for me it works, as I rarely pay attention to the fruit itself, just take a piece and eat it :-D
Considering that, the pic is great, a very nice composition with the negative space and the great lighting, and will be high in my TT, well done!!

Dec 7, 2009
    Mmmh...I like the lights of this image....
...I'm not a fan of still life... :-)))
But I think that is perfectly composed....

Jade O.
Dec 7, 2009
    Thanks, Lo. I very much appreciate you taking the time to comment. I've been paying more attention to lighting but as for arranging, I just pulled these from the fridge and made this, my first and only composition.

Dec 6, 2009
    The lighting on this still life is really superb. You've done a nice job of arranging the fruit, and that's not an easy task.

Jade O.
Dec 6, 2009
    Thanks, Franz. The madarins are a little blown; next time I'll try HDR or tone mapping a bit. The water was added to try to recreate reflection which I had from condensation soon after taking out of the fridge, but in our dry winter, that condensate evaporated quickly.

Dec 5, 2009
    Very nice idea. I like the water under the grapes, which look fresh and delicious. The colors are tempting. The tangerines look very bright on my screen and the banana a bit too dark, but that is just a minor thing.

Jade O.
Dec 5, 2009
    Pap. Thanks. I've been trying to give more attention to lighting since it can make a world of difference.

Raf Dat engish you speking or is it just yor tiping. ;-) Always appreciate the thoughtful comments. If you do see this comment, I would like your opinion on the composition. I didn't want to rearrange it and thought the crop was o.k. (because a tighter crop would put the pineapple dead centre) but I remain troubled by the fact that the pineapple remains so centrally located in the grouping yet I am unsure how I would do it otherwise. (Also I think the mandarin orange is a little blown. And btw I just looked at the box, that little fruit was shipped from Casablanca Morocco. Not very carbon friendly I guess.)

Edit. Thanks, Raf. I appreciate the feedback - and I checked, I'm guessing you could reply because you're moderating this challenge - neat! Your comments help me think through this one a bit more. Interestingly, several comments noted the light to dark gradient being too steep. I thought at the time of HDR to balance it a bit, or selective toning, but just didn't have the time to play. Of course, I also tend to like my images a little darker than most, I think. My monitor is calibrated so maybe it's just me. As for the fruit placement, this is my first arrangement and liked it enough not to experiment further but I think I would adopt your suggestion to move the Kiwi closer to the light.

Edit. I've been giving your comments some further thought. Generally, I can see composition in geometric terms, or interest in an image by how your eye moves from element to element (eg., zig-zag for depth etc.) but had trouble figuring out why this one works and what doesn't (other than the lighting - gradient and non-distracting background). I've concluded that this is a triangle geometry, with the dynamism coming from the off angle base of the triangle and the depth coming from both lighting and the just visible reflections (three). Your comment about why the negative space is needed both affirms and helps me understand better why it is needed. I really appreciate your taking the time to provide your detailed thoughts, thanks! (Of course, I could probably never replicate this shot again if I tried but at least I understand what things I did right better!)
Edited on Dec 7, 2009

Dec 5, 2009
    Very ,very nice. I like the lighting you used.

Dec 4, 2009
    I was wondering how many would do fruit. Interesting side lighting to add drama. I really like how the light play on the pineappel skin. and the glow it gives to the apples. As the light goes from strong to dark though we lose a little, thought brightness, in the manderine and through darkness in the banana. That is a bit picky coz I suspect this will still be TT

Oh my goodness. I apologise. I seem to have adopted pidgin to celebrate my daughter's visit to the Solomon Island's doing a teaching round.

Composition: as I tried to say, I think it is not quite there because of the way the leftmost element is a little bright and the rightmost element a little dark.

The centrality of the pineapple is almost mandated by the fact that you have centred it among the other fruit. You are then left with no alternative but to create negative space either side.

Given that sort of arrangement with sidelight I would be tempted to put the pineapple furthest from the light so that it does not cast shadows on the other elements. You can then crop some of the darker areas and not have the pineapple central. The danger, of course, is that it will LOOK arranged and therefore forced and stilted. Whereas the best of still-life work is so alive.

Alternately leave the arrangement as is but change the lighting so that the gradient from brightest to darkest is shallower.

Another possibility is to arrange the fruit in reverse order of reflective index. So the kiwi fruit would be closest to the light and would not tend to blow as much because of the furry skin. Then you would have the brightest and shiniest behind the pineapple.

Still what would I know: Still-life is a complete mystery which is why I love this challenge.
Edited on Dec 6, 2009

Jade O.
Dec 3, 2009
    The light source was my photo-accessory favourite; a small desk lamp with a clear incandescent bulb.

Dec 3, 2009
    No flash? Now I'm curious... what was your light source?

Nice still life. The poor banana looks lonely. ;)
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