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  #71 The human element
Entry 13 of 26
Check Ride at 36,000 ft       ©2009 Jade O.
Panasonic DMC-FZ30       13th place, 60 points
1/500s, f8, ISO 80, 47mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Layers, Crop, Minor Cloning, Blur, Resize       Extra Info: One of a fleet of magnificent workhorses, the Boeing 717 graces the sunny December skies over south central Florida (and, yes, that is the actual pilot in the cockpit with the sunlight angling in just right so that he is visible - I hope that qualifies this for the theme). BTW there were no non-airline personnel on board when the shot of this plane was taken and no FAA regulations were violated in the making of this image ;-).
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Jun 8, 2010
    Hey jade;) I just sae the coment you have written to me.....I checked out and it was as I sed that this pic was my #2 !!!

Dec 23, 2009
    Sorry that it didn't make TT. A really nice idea.
You asked for more comment... It would definitely have been my #1 if it was a real shot and not a PP fake (like mine ;-) ). The shot could also have been less close and less well composed - the main thing is 'real'.
You got my vote for the great idea though.

Dec 23, 2009
    :-) ....I'll wait!
Very nice capture!I think it could be in ah higher position...

Jade O.
Dec 22, 2009
    I've posted the "how to" as a separate forum topic. Don't forget to comment on why I didn't get your vote (I know, I know, there were a lot of better entries but I still would like some constructive c&c).

Dec 22, 2009
    this pic was very high in my votes (#2), very nice and unusal composition! Very well done!
When I looked at this pic the first question in my minde was "how this pic was made?"

Dec 21, 2009
    See now you've gone and spoiled it for me. I was convinced that you had decided to make your first jump and had snapped this with your Baby Brownie on the way down :-) Still love the shot.

Jade O.
Dec 21, 2009
    I'm glad you liked it, Bill, even if I didn't get your vote! LOL! If you like, I can post the explanation in the forum section, complete with schematics, pre-flight briefing notes, and the shot of me in the lead T-38 shooting over my shoulder to get this one! ;-)))

Dec 21, 2009
    As a pilot, I am still waiting to hear how you made this shot. I can't imagine, considering the distance and angle. Can you explain? BTW, I like the shot very much.

Jade O.
Dec 21, 2009
    Thank you all for your votes and comments!

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Dec 21, 2009
    Fits the theme, although a bit "thinny" to me - maybe it's because I can't get rid of the feeling that the pilot "must" be there, and so doesn't adds to the pic, he's "part of the plane" - LOL, don't blame me too much, I'm being very picky :-)
The borders of the plane are a bit "forced" so calls for a photo trick - but on the other hand you did a nice job with the clouds reflections to cover the airport ones, that seems very real. Well done :-)

Dec 21, 2009
    WOW! Very good idea for the theme! The pilot, though not being a central point, adds a special touch to it all. Gives the feeling of being very close...
The plain is standing on the ground, right? I think there is a reflection of the airfield visible on the rear part of the plain.
Very well done!

Jade O.
Dec 21, 2009
    raf I agree the human element really doesn't make it here but I was short of time and ideas. Too many other good entries for this one to rate this time I think but always appreciate your taking the time to comment. (The air was very clear and it was bright and sunny; with a better camera/lens combo I'm sure you could count rivets - btw those engine things are generally called blades or turbine blades.)

Lo Actually turning into the photo(grapher) would be a disaster! Glad you liked it.

Alby You CAN take a shot like this - you just have to let me fly you! ;-)

Mepo LOL, of course you are right about the pilot! All I was thinking about was how small he was but really I couldn't get any closer! I think I like this because it is so in your face; these workhorses may look elegant and they are but mostly they are very very powerful machines and that aspect is not often present in aviation photography, which is what I wanted to capture here.

raf/Mepo I took another look at the Challenge theme and it says, "... 'human element' then should not be the subject or even a major focus of the photograph, rather it is the extra ingredient (the spice) that transforms the ordinary to the extraordinary." I think getting the pilot of a "Heavy" in the image is not the focus here but it is out of the ordinary. So I changed my mind and say this does fit the theme! But, of course, I thought as you did initially. :-)

Franz Is that an airfield reflection you see??? ;-) I saw it too LOL but thought it best but not to PP further to see how close you would be looking... besides I thought it best not to tamper with the image ;-0

dodrizzt Forced??? Hmmm.... maybe I should post some other airborne shots so you can see how forced everything looks up there!! :-) Just ask Mepo what a big plane looks like when you get up close!

So, rather than look at the image too closely I think you need to look at the info. The giveaway clue is that no FAA regulations were broken and the focal length this image was taken at - and that the PP tells you that the image is layered, of course.
Edited on Dec 21, 2009

Dec 21, 2009
    Talk about in your face! super shot, it seems to emphasize the power of the beast. Being a small plane pilot, this image is almost frightening - Had a C-130 come straight at us from the side once (not as close as this one) - I think my guts are still up there somewhere LOL. I'm not sure if it fits the theme as the pilot is a kind of critical part of the operation but it's in my tt anyway Love it.

Dec 21, 2009
What are you doing still up there!!?? :-))))
This kind of images surely belong to You!....
And wow!I like it a lot!....
For the composition,for the idea,and....Because I can't snap anything like this! :-(((

Dec 18, 2009
    Wow - what an awesome perspective! This isn't a shot that too many people would be able to take. I love the detail and the way the plane seems to be turning into the photo.

Dec 18, 2009
    I am glad you said "no FAA regulations were violated in the making of this image". I can just imagine you hanging out the plane window.

The most striking thing here for me is the clarity of the fuselage given that I think this must have been taken through a window. Compositionally I think the plane is well placed, though I wonder if the engine casing needs an extra inch (or millimeter) on the left. The clouds almost act as a cotton wool bed to support the plane. There is a sense of the propeller blades (probably not called that) doing their stuff inside the casing which takes the image beyond being a purely static shot.

Very nice image overall. Given the quality of the field, the human element in this shot might not be enough to get a high place.

Then again I am thinking I will be happy to beat even one entry in this field, though for the life of me I can't work out which.
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