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  Mini#31 Best of 2015
Entry 9 of 48
In flight       ©2016 davep56
Panasonic DMC-FZ200       9th place, 84 points
1/800s, f4, ISO 100, 445mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Crop and enhance clarity, Reduced noise       Extra Info: None
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Jan 13, 2016
    Great job Dave! Looking forward to your retirement.
Less work hours = more Panachallenge time !!!

Jade O.
Jan 12, 2016
    Thanks for the explanation. Patience pays but you need to have the skills to get a shot like this! Congrats on a fine finish!

Jan 12, 2016
    Thanks Dave. I shall try to emulate your technique next time I see them. Great shot!

Jan 12, 2016
    Your patience certainly did pay off. This is a wonderful shot. Congratulations

Jan 12, 2016
    Thanks for everyones comments.

Jade 0, dragonflies are creatures of habit. Often they will traverse the same area, back and forth. They often will return to the same perch by the riverside.

On this occasion I was very lucky as this one was hovering a lot at mid-day and noticed it kept coming back to the same spot to hover. So sat and waited at took about 20 shots over the time, as it came back to hover.

I find with dragonflies that patience and just sit and wait sometimes pays off.

Jade O.
Jan 11, 2016
    I agree with oof. This is such a difficult capture. Please give us some tips on how you managed. I can't even imagine getting a shot like this. Congrats on a TT in a fine field.

Jan 11, 2016
    I rated this high, because it is difficult to take

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Jan 11, 2016
    An extremely difficult shot, trust me I know. Bravo!

Jan 11, 2016
    Well caught. How did you manage to get this?

Jan 11, 2016
    It must have been very satisfying to see this result. Super capture, I've never even tried to get them in flight! Well done.

Jan 11, 2016
    Kudos to you for nailing a very difficult shot.

Jan 10, 2016
    A tough capture but worth the effort. Quite dramatic and full of movement.

Jan 9, 2016
    good action shot very hard to capture

Jade O.
Jan 9, 2016
    I was so torn with this one. On a difficulty scale this seems improbably impossible hence should rank in my number 1. On a sharpness and clarity scale you have just the right amount of wing blur and a tack sharp body. On a framing scale you have the head at the rule of thirds line and everything else well centered. It is a great shot. And yet.....the head looks ever so slightly out of focus. Is it even possible with all this has going for it for me to rate it as a failed shot for that reason? It seems I am being ridiculously hyper-critical, and yet that is what my gut reaction is. And I feel badly about it. I would have spend a few hours on multi-pass sharpening techniques to get those head hairs into sharp resolution since this photo is clearly worth the effort. It is otherwise extraordinary and may well top the votes.

Jan 9, 2016
    It's not bad technically considering it's in flight. The tail is pretty sharp. The wings of course are blurred. The head and thorax are not as sharp as the tail. Aesthetically it's underwhelming.

Anthony Comyn
Jan 8, 2016
    Always tough getting a dragonfly in flight. I like the movement in the wings, and the sharpness in the tail, but the blur on the eyes and head is a bit of a distraction!

Jan 8, 2016
    It's almost impossible to get these guys in sharp focus like this. Nice job!
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United Kingdom

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