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  #176 Matching Colors
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Morning Market       ©2016 aoc46
Panasonic DMC-LX100       1st place, 181 points
1/80s, f8, ISO 250, 28mm, Aperture Priority, Spot, no flash
Post-Processing: Color enhancement during RAW conversion to favor yellows.
Selective lightening/darkening to emphasize main figures, de-emphasize others. Perspective adjustment, crop, resize, sharpen.
      Extra Info: None
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Sep 13, 2016
    Congrats, this was one of my top pick! I didn't even notice some of the oddities going on with the background shots, they were muted enough not to distract.

Sep 13, 2016
    Thanks, everyone, for the comments, compliments and critique - always appreciated.

elliot - this is the Wednesday morning market in Cahors in southwest France.

Jade et al. - glad you liked the topic, though I just made suggestions. Others made the choice, so they deserve some credit, too.

To those who thought the PP a bit heavy-handed, I'm not sure I disagree. It was a rather busy scene, and I wanted to focus attention on the women interacting, with the color-match more of a sideshow.
Edited on Sep 13, 2016

Sep 12, 2016
    Congrats - Well done.

Sep 12, 2016
    nice going. where was this shot?

Sep 12, 2016
    Congrats on a great finish.

Sep 12, 2016
    Excellent street scene - I can almost taste the produce. COngratulations.

Jade O.
Sep 12, 2016
    Isn't there a rule against this? haha! Congrats! If you pick another topic like this one, which was just great, I'll be happy if you keep winning!

Sep 12, 2016
    Congrats Alan! I can't wait for your next creative challenge theme!!!

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Sep 12, 2016
    I think this is an interesting approach, that is, focusing sharply on the vegetables, but softly capturing the human interaction in the middleground and background. I like it.

Sep 12, 2016
    Interesting shot but the excessive burning and dodging on faces, bodies and onions, spoils it a bit for me. My eyes keep getting drawn to those parts of the photo and they don't want to be there. GL.

Sep 12, 2016
    In my top 3. The colours are so vibrant with the yellow standing out a mile. Seems a dangerous market though as there appear to be several zombies!

Sep 11, 2016
    a little side heavy with the yellows, but love the scene captured and probably my number one pick

Sep 11, 2016
    Great spotting. The two colours are obvious but also obviously not staged. This is a lovely street scene, full of colour and texture and interest. In my pics.

Old Finn
Sep 11, 2016
    I like it. In my favorites.

Sep 10, 2016
    My top pick. Good yellows plus an interesting scene taken at the right moment.

Sep 10, 2016
    An interesting shot. Match between sweater and zucchinis is perfect. There are some secondary matches of other colours which make the photo balance nicely. High in my faves.

Sep 10, 2016
    subtle use of yellow ?
great framing

Jade O.
Sep 10, 2016
    Light is everything and you've done a great job in highlighting the foreground while shadowing the background (I assume without resorting to PP). This one keeps moving up in my rankings. Right on theme. My only suggestion is maybe adding more canvass to the left but I don't know what is there or if you cropped this at all. A nicely timed capture.

Sep 9, 2016
    Perfect for the theme. I would have liked to see the entire box of squash (I think) in the lower right.

Sep 9, 2016
    Great shot! While there are lots of colors going on here, the matching yellows really stand out. High in my TT.

Sep 9, 2016
    This one jumped out at me straight away. Although it's a busy shot, there is no mistaking the interpretation of the theme. In my TT.

Sep 9, 2016
    Love the vibrant yellow in this interesting composition.
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United States

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