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  Mini#36 Get Well Soon, Elliott!
Entry 3 of 22
"Where flowers bloom, so does hope"       ©2017 ysal
Panasonic DMC-GF1       3rd place, 179 points
1/500s, f6.3, ISO 200, 120mm, Aperture Priority, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Cropped; rotated 90 degrees; adjusted Smart Tone until I liked the look; increased color saturation; applied vignette; denoised and sharpened; resized.       Extra Info: A quote by Lady Bird Johnson.

These osteospermums are the hardiest flowers. No matter how much I cut them back, no matter how severe the drought, they always bloom in full force and brighten my garden with their beautiful white and purple flowers.

This is not a composite. The flower in the background is reflected in the water drop. I'm not quite sure why the reflection seems so much brighter, but this is how it came out.
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24 days ago
    Congrats - I just love the detail in that drop :-)

24 days ago
    Thanks mrsawyer, and yes especially to Jeffp393, that is very flattering. I appreciate it very much!!

25 days ago
    .....And you were hesitant to enter this ... congrats on a great photo and a great finish.
Quite a compliment from Jeffp393. Wow!
Edited on Apr 4, 2017

25 days ago
    Thank you very much to everyone for your comments and votes!

As some of you mentioned, I tried cropping tighter and brighten up the image but I liked the way this has the subtle background flower that does not distract from the droplet.

Qixil - yes it's a refraction, but most literature about these shot refer to them as reflection so I thought I would keep it consistent.

26 days ago
    Congratulations Ysal - what an amazing find. The flower is so perfect in miniature.

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26 days ago
    Beautiful effect. I'd love to have seen it bigger. Good eye.

26 days ago
    What a terrific "catch". This is most unusual and is intriguing.

27 days ago
    wow!!! very nice.
print it and hang it.

27 days ago
    Awesome shot - what a great find. I love the muted colouring and the splash of life in the droplet. I wish the droplet were a bit more prominent, but of course you would have lost the shape of the flower that it is encapsulating

27 days ago
    Great shot, my only minor critique is I'd have like to seen it cropped a little more to make the drop a little more prominent.

27 days ago
    the water drop is a lens as well
fabulous in spotting this

27 days ago
    guess luck counts too then; I really like the reflection with the subdued backgound

Old Finn
27 days ago
    Interesting picture.

27 days ago
    This is really beautiful. The focus is perfeect and so is the light.

28 days ago
    Very clever, very nice - especially how the subtle background picks up what's being transmitted through the water droplet. Consider cropping some from the foreground petals; they distract from the droplet, which should be the 'star'.
Edited on Apr 1, 2017

29 days ago
    A delightful and clever photograph. Perfectly focused.

29 days ago
    Wow - amazing - refracted, not reflected. It's probably brighter because the aperture of the water drop is greater than your lens...

29 days ago
    NEAT - I liked the way the entire flower showed in the background. But any brighter and it really distracted from the droplet, which I wanted to keep the main focus here.

29 days ago
    Had potential, but severely under-exposed, also a closer crop would've sufficed. Great effort getting the flower in the water drop though.

29 days ago

30 days ago
    Stunning . Photo's don't often invoke a reaction from me these days . This did and does . Well done , Superb .
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