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  Mini#37 Best of 2017, So Far
Entry 9 of 33
Wanaka Tree sunrise       ©2017 babysister
Panasonic DMC-GX7       9th place, 90 points
1/5s, f11, ISO 200, 24mm, Manual, Spot, no flash
Post-Processing: Slight exposure increase and crop. Minimal increase in saturation.       Extra Info: Perfect sunrise with the added bonus of the rare doughnut clouds. Waited for 2 hours with a hundred tourists to get this.
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Jul 14, 2017
    Congrats on the tt finish in tandem with the Main win.

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Jul 10, 2017
    I'm glad you cloned out all the tourists :-) Well worth the wait. I wonder how many others had the foresight to capture the reflection. High in my favs.

Jul 10, 2017
    Nice scene, well-composed, but the color balance seems like it should be more orange, less pink.

Jul 9, 2017
    The colours are almost unbelievable, but I know that nature can turn out some pretty spectacular combinations, and this must be one of them. The cloud formation is really unusual, and the reflection really adds to the impact. I would have been inclined to crop to the bottom of the reflection and reduce some of the foreground.

Jul 8, 2017
    Agh yes the iconic lonely tree, I have quite a few shots of this, in fact I entered it into a 'best of' also. Shame it was not high tide, tree looks stunning when it's covered by water as the bedrock can look messy otherwise , still a great capture with the brilliant sky, in my faves.

Jul 8, 2017
    Lovely colours and fantastic clouds. I've never seen those before.

Jul 8, 2017
    Very interesting landscape. It is oddly busy visually, but very nice limited colour pallet.

Jul 7, 2017
    great result
maybe a crop on the bottom to the near edge of the doughnot cloud reflection ????

Anthony Comyn
Jul 7, 2017
    Lovely capture, nice colors and the wait was definitely worth it. Clouds are interesting. Without the tree it would have just been a sunrise photo, the tree makes it something worth hanging on a wall. You did well to keep all hundred tourists out of image. Well done. In my TT.

Jul 7, 2017
    This is a very dramatic image, I'm not sure if I like the colors. It looks out of this world and a little bit disconcerting. Still, in my TT for pure drama.

Jul 7, 2017
    Definitely worth the wait, you got a treat and caught it fantastically - my favourite

Jul 7, 2017
    I'm conflicted about this image. It's got some nice elements to appreciate as a photo image: e.g., well composed and interesting reflections going on. There is a bit of overblown highlights in the sky. However, what bothers me most is that the reddish color tone makes it more difficult to see details - much of which are already in shadow, especially the background. To me, it looks like everything has kind of melted together. I'm having a hard time getting beyond the murky, reddish, mud puddle look. And yet - I can't say I dislike it. In my opinion, it is a better photograph than a majority of the other entries. I think it will still be in my top 5 or 6.
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By babysister


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