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  #190 Low Light Photography
Entry 5 of 25
Trails       ©2017 davev
Canon EOS 80D       5th place, 121 points
926s, f5.6, ISO 100, 139mm, Unknown, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: 2 images stacked to produce a longer star trails. I had to mask out the lights from the lower part of the image made by a truck that came up from behind the camera, that really lit up the foreground.       Extra Info: 2 images stacked.
I was going for a 30 minutes shot. It was interrupted twice, once after around 9 minutes, and again after 16.
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18 days ago
    Hey Dave, thanks for explaining the streak-free headlights.
Congrats on a high finish!

20 days ago
    Thanks to those of you that commented or voted for my shot.
The exif is from the second shot, the first shot was about 536 seconds long.
I'll try to answer your questions.
Neat - I think the noise is just the sensor, for lack of a better word, overheating. It shouldn't be this noisy. I've done shots like this before with different cameras, little to no noise.
ysal - Yes I was, but the car turning made me shut it down, and then the woman wanted to talk to me for a few minutes about what I was doing, so that's why there's a large gap in the stacked image. I've also used the multiple stacked way of doing it, to many little gaps.
Qixil - same as above.
Jade O. - I've made better star trails than this, but this was the only night I was away from the city to give this a go. The biggest problem was the moon. It was very bright which made the more faint stars more or less disappear.
mrsawyer - As soon as the car turned the corner, I shut it down. The other shot (that I shut down) has a truck coming up from behind me. The entire foreground looked like it was daylight. At that point, I had 25 minutes of exposure, and figured that was enough.

I was going to try the Milky Way that night, but again, the moon was way to bright, I had a hard time even making it out.

That's all I got. Thanks again.

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20 days ago
    How did you manage to get the headlights so clearly with long shutter speeds?

20 days ago
    Nice combination of star trails and car lights. I like the afterglow in the sky. High in my tt.

20 days ago
    Very nice. I've always wanted to have a go at this but I don't think my cameras have ever been up to the task.

20 days ago
    This is one of those photos that grows on you each time you return to it. An interesting composition, and beautiful lighting.

21 days ago
    Technically good. Shows great patience. In my top picks.

Jade O.
21 days ago
    I've seen better star trails but there is something in the composition and subjects here which draws me in. There is a stunning complexity for such a sparse image, which alone boosts it in my picks.

21 days ago
    Fits the theme - I expected to see several of these types of images.

Time In A Frame/Paul M.
22 days ago
    Wow. Awesome shot(s)

Old Finn
23 days ago
    On theme. Interesting picture. In my favorites.

23 days ago
    Well shot - like the glow on the horizon, and the lights add nicely to the composition.

24 days ago
    Nice capture - but why the break in the star trail? What was the interruption? Need to know. I guess you needed to get out of the way of the car and bike...

24 days ago
    the road is never empty when you need it

24 days ago
    Were you trying to do a single exposure? Stacking multiple short exposures may reduce the noise.

25 days ago
    Goes to show you can get a shot like this with low ISO, however it still seems a little noisy, maybe using some noise reduction would've helped. Good try though.
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By davev

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