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  #194 Quiet/Serene
Entry 5 of 28
last cast       ©2017 rd52
Canon EOS 7D       5th place, 114 points
1/639s, f10, ISO 400, 211mm, Shutter Priority, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: In Affinity Photo, converted from raw to a tiff. Since I was shooting straight into the sun I had lens glares that I used the clone and healing tools to get rid of them. Cropped and rotated (never can get the horizon straight when I shoot). Cloned out some birds in the distance. Used curves to increase the contrast, sized and saved as a jpeg for the challenge.       Extra Info: Rapidly approaching sunset means the end of the day for this fisherman.
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13 days ago
    Congrats on 5th. This is gorgeous. It was my #2 and I agonized over the placement of my first 3 votes.
This makes it clear to me that we go home too early (but when I said so to my husband he said 'well, it takes an hour or two to drive home.").

13 days ago
    Congrats, beautiful image!

13 days ago
    Thanks to all for the comments and suggestions.
Mrsawyer, in answer to your question about focal length, it's closer but still not perfect. I checked my exif and it says the lens was at 135mm. If you multiply times the 1.6 crop factor it equals 216. Closer than before.
Thanks again!!
Edited on Nov 28, 2017

13 days ago
    Congratulations. Love the bands of golden colour.

13 days ago
    Nothing like the "golden hour!" Congrats on your fine finish and a beautiful entry.

Looks like we may have worked out that focal length reporting problem. Do you agree?
Edited on Nov 27, 2017

13 days ago
    Wonderful image - congratulations on a job well done

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14 days ago
    the foreground is very light however with some blacks added it changes the image making it stronger

14 days ago
    Creative take on the theme. Perfectly illuminated and superbly composed. Congratulations on a job well done.

15 days ago
    Nice color and composition. Like the simplicty - almost like a silk-screen print; might be even better without the foreground waves. The fisherman's pose seems a little tense - might give more sense of tranquility if he were seated and relaxed.

Old Finn
15 days ago
    Artistic picture with the silhouettes of the cliffs. Well composed. In my favorites.

16 days ago
    Stunning! What gorgeous colours! Wonderful placement of the elements.

16 days ago
    I love the look of the island(?) in the distance.

16 days ago
    very nice capture. i think i'd crop off the lower quarter with the two small waves to reduce the tension and make it seem calmer. just my thoughts.
high in my favorites for sure.

17 days ago
    Like the simplicity and emotional feeling tone of this image. I think if the "haziness" could be corrected to bring out the details and make the silhouette more distinct it would improve the effect. Processing with Adobe Lightroom could do that.
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