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  #203 Motion Blur
Entry 10 of 21
BOOM!       ©2018 A.N.Other
Panasonic DMC-TZ30       10th place, 80 points
1s, f3.9, ISO 100, 39mm, Manual, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Cropped
Burn and dodge
Slight sharpening
      Extra Info: None
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Aug 2, 2018
    Thank you Jade O. I have replied there.

Jade O.
Aug 2, 2018
    Just wanted to say I thought about what you said, and asked the third place finisher to explain his technique, and I misinterpreted his explanation so I think you have a point about judging all entries by the same criterion and that is a fair comment. You can see a brief discussion in the third place finisher's comments.

Jade O.
Jul 31, 2018
    Hey Neil,

You have taken the time to reply in detail so I thought that deserves some acknowledgement by having me respond and explain.

I have an opinion which is just my view, and an opinion which I think has a more general application.

My personal view is that a photo of someone else's art without your own artistic interpretation is a "snapshot", by which I mean documentary in nature which derives most of its value in presenting to a wider Panachallenge audience of voters, someone else's work (in essence their creation, not yours), and in that sense at worst is a plagiarized image undeserving of my vote. I am aware that not all members share that view and some members would presumably vote a photo of the Mona Lisa high in a Smiles Challenge because, after all, you visited the Louvre to get the shot.
My view of more general application (one accepted by our community at large, I believe) is that one must stay true to the spirit of the Challenge topic to maintain the integrity (honesty) of one's entry. Motion Blur requires a demonstration of technique in using the camera to capture blur caused by motion, either of the camera, or by the subject. The topic emphasized that the blur was not to be created by post processing tricks to mimic the results of application of the technique which members were invited to try and which members were invited to enter the results of their efforts for other members to judge by voting.

What I was trying to say is this:

If I capture a static image (because the subject is stationary or because I freeze a subject in motion by using a fast shutter speed) I should not use PP to create the effect that the object was in motion. Why? Because it is the manipulation of pixels by a computer to create the effect, and not the result of camera technique in the hands of a skilled photographer.

Similarly, if I capture a static image of a computer screen which showcases manipulated pixels to give the illusion of movement, then I have also taken a snapshot of a computer generated image showcasing the work of a program designer which says nothing about my ability as a photographer to master the technique of motion blur which is the topic which challenged members to go out and try, and then to showcase their results for others to vote on.

That is why I cry foul with your entry. (I have seen the YouTube videos and from what I see there is really no qualitative difference in the image I viewed on youtube while running, or on pause, or in your entry. They all present as computer generated images of simulated motion and have nothing to do with camera technique which was the point of the Challenge. My top vote was awarded to an entry which demonstrated the use of camera technique and presented an artistic interpretation unique to the photographer; the entry presented to me as viewer a markedly different view than what I would have experienced had I watched the event playing in real time -- unlike your entry which appeared to me to be virtually the same image as that presented by the computer program itself).

I specifically stated I do not want nor do I invite other members to jump in and comment. Such a discussion would not add much to what you and I have already said, and it is not about whether either of our views is the correct one.

The purpose of my comment was to cause those who bother to read it to reflect on the responsibility each of us has to at least think about what the Challenge is asking of us, and to consider whether our entry qualifies and is a fair and proper one to submit.

I indicated in my first post vote comment, that I thought your entry was off side, and that you failed to comply with the spirit of the Challenge, but also that I did not think you did so intentionally. It is just my view.

I hope this explains my thinking so that you better understand it, even if in the end you don't agree.

As an aside, I know you are a good photographer, one only needs to review your entries and the votes of recognition and comments you have received over time, to see that is true.
And some criticism can feel personal. Mepo once decried the use of "imported images" in commenting on one of my entries (implying politely that I had plagiarized a portion of an image in a multi image photo) which bothered me irrespective of whether his suspicion was unfounded, but you soon realize that even if he missed the mark the point he was making was a valid one. Be true to the spirit of the Challenge topic. That really is all I am saying here.
Edited on Jul 31, 2018

Jul 31, 2018
    Hi Jade O.
I've read and re-read your critique and I must say that I am totally confused by it, as you also must be regarding the way I took the photos of my entries. Why would you think I took photos of pre blurred objects?

I explained in my comment below that this was just about as “straight a photo as they come” so where you got the “ to create an image using "PP outside the camera" seems to me to cross the line” from as well from is beyond me. As is this part :-

“rather than recoding an image of motion blur generated by software applied to an image (computer) generated outside the camera rather than to an image created in the camera. What is the difference between capturing an image and using software to manipulate it to mimic motion, and using software to manipulate an image to micmic motion and capturing it inside the camera? “

you lost me there totally!

I can only assume you did not read my comment before writing yours, you didn't download the software to see what it looks like in reality or even view one of the several YouTube clips of Particle Flow available. If you'd like to see it in action this is one of the better clips I've found :-


I have added resized Straight Out Of Camera photos of both my entries, along with the entries themselves in the outtakes thread so you can see how little effect my PP work had on the originals.

What confuses me especially is that you seem to think that this photo (and that is what it is, a photo) is beyond the pale and should never have been allowed to be entered yet you voted alis nocturnis's excellent 'Pedal Power' as your #1, but they were both taken in very similar ways. He photographed about 20 moving cyclists with a stationary camera aimed at his LCD TV with a 1 second exposure. I photographed 50,000 moving pixel sized dots with a stationary camera aimed at my mobile phones LCD screen with a 1 second exposure.

As you see the technique we both used was very similar, so why the huge disparity in your comments?

Yes, I knew these weren't my finest ever entries. I expected some people not to 'get them' which was fine with me as you can't please all of the people all of the time. Several people really liked the look of them and that makes me happy. I never expected them to win. They ended up just about where I thought they might – middle of the pack. I'm quite happy with that. I'm also happy to have come 10th as unlike you I don't believe I have been untrue to the Challenge theme or intent. I would not have entered these photos if I did.

I can remember several previous challenge entries taken of Mobile phones, Tablets and TV's but I don't remember there being a big problem with this. If this is a new no go area for Panachallenge entries then I feel we should all be working by the same rules. Either Yes or No is fine with me as long as do the same thing. Maybe we should have a vote about it in the forum?

I hope this goes at least some way to helping you see my entries in a more positive light that I feel they deserve.

All the best,


Jade O.
Jul 30, 2018
    O.k. we've all had those moments where we're stuck for inspiration for a Challenge but I will say I think even if you've complied technically with the Challenge rules you've violated the spirit of the Challenge with both your entries.
It isn't clear to me that both entries show blur created by movement (by either the camera, or here, the object) and in your Main Entry I am not even sure whether the subject was evolving or static. But to create an image using "PP outside the camera" seems to me to cross the line. Taking a static display of a computer generated image with no artistic interpretation seems to me lacking in respect for the Challenge topic and the fellow entrants who actually relied upon photographic technique rather than recoding an image of motion blur generated by software applied to an image (computer) generated outside the camera rather than to an image created in the camera. What is the difference between capturing an image and using software to manipulate it to mimic motion, and using software to manipulate an image to micmic motion and capturing it inside the camera?
I don't think it was your intent, but I cry foul here.
Because I know your capability as a photographer, and that you are a decent individual who can accept critique, I am posting this here, not to troll comments pro and con, but to ask all who read this to reflect on what we enter and to consider if we are being true to the Challenge intent. I am not saying those who finished eleventh would be concerned by where your entries placed but they might be, and if they were, I wouldn't blame them.

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Jul 30, 2018
    I'd like to give a big thanks to those who gave me kind comments and to the others I agree there isn't such a sense of motion as many of the entries. I'm afraid I had complete inspiration paralysis for this challenge and only took this photo a couple of hours before the deadline.

Sorry to those who wanted some explanation as to what you were seeing when deciding what to comment and vote but I wanted people to experience the photo for what it was rather than how it was 'created'.

As for 'created', I get the feeling some people thought is was mainly done in PP but this is just about a straight a photo as they come. This is simply a photo of my mobile phones screen resting on my kitchen counter in a dark room with the screen brightness set to maximum. The pattern you see is the result of a single finger touch from a program I downloaded called 'Particle Flow' (hence the title of my Open entry). It's a great little piece of software to mess around with for a few minutes if you feel like killing time. I photographed exactly the same program's starting pattern for my Open entry - see I told you I had inspiration paralysis! ;-) .
Edited on Jul 30, 2018

Old Finn
Jul 30, 2018
    Good sharpness

Jul 30, 2018
    Interesting and appealing. I wish there were some notes.

Jul 29, 2018
    Fascinating! I can't even begin to imagine how you achieved this. Really well done.

Jul 29, 2018
    No idea how is this done, or what is it even... but I love it :) Waiting already for the post-challenge to learn more about it. Impressive image, congrats!!

Anthony Comyn
Jul 28, 2018
    Once again, I wish you had added some information here. Would really like to know what this is.
Edited on Jul 29, 2018

Jul 28, 2018
    Striking image with great colors. There's a definite sense of motion, but I don't see much blur.

Jul 28, 2018
    Don't know what it is but I like it.

Jade O.
Jul 28, 2018
    While this has an abstract feel, and nice colour and framing, and a good focal point with a nod to the Rule of Thirds, for me it is soulless - I feel nothing.

Jul 28, 2018
    lovely picture - please tell us more about how you made it!

Jul 27, 2018
    I don't know what I'm looking at but it's pretty. In my TT.

Jul 27, 2018
    Very interesting and colorful pattern. I'd be interested to know how you created it.
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