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  #204 Religion
Entry 8 of 17
Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum       ©2018 A.N.Other
Panasonic DMC-TZ30       8th place, 71 points
1/16s, f5.2, ISO 100, 85mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Cropped.
Used Photomatix Essentials to realistically combine the 4 exposures.
Used Nik Color Efex Pro 4's Pro Contrast, Dynamic contrast to bring it close to how the eye would see the scene.
Burn and dodge tools.
Selective saturation changes up and down.
Clone and spot removal tools.
      Extra Info: Four different exposures of the same scene to reproduce how my eyes saw it.

This is the Lady Chapel of our local cathedral. It is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Near the bottom of the photo are twelve gilt bronze sculptures of different species of flower, each of whose old common names refer to the Virgin Mary. They each occupy a separate niche in the medieval reredos (c1420).

The 'Mary' plants are :-

Top row, left to right: (Mary’s Gold) – Marigold ; (Mary’s Ears) – Thrift ; (Mary’s Yellow Stalks) – Yellow Pimpernel ; (Mary’s Shoes) – Monkshood ; (Mary’s Ladder) – Cornflower ; (Mary’s Sweat) – Buttercup.

Bottom row, left to right: (Mary’s Briars) – Eglantine ; (Mary’s Thimble) – Foxglove ; (Mary’s Cloak) – Lady’s Mantle ; (Virgin’s Herb) – Meadowsweet ; (Mary’s Candle) – Mullein ; (Mary’s Primrose) – Cowslip.

The stained glass of the 12th century east window represent the “Jesse Tree”, depicting the ancestors of Jesus as listed by St Matthew at the beginning of his Gospel account.
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Aug 20, 2018
    I love the 3-D look achieved here. The focus is superb, and the colors intriguing. top 5

Aug 20, 2018
    Oh I did quite a bit. It was amazing how bright orange they turned out after originally blending the exposures!

Aug 20, 2018
    Would consider lowering the saturation a bit to improve the isolation of the candle holders against the background

Aug 20, 2018
    Thank you all very much :-) .

ysal - Yes I would have liked to. Please read my bottom comment to Robert :-) .
Edited on Aug 20, 2018

Aug 20, 2018
    Beautiful photo and I really enjoy your Extra Info. Could you have included the top part of the window?

Aug 19, 2018
    Each part of this photo is stunning in its detail and beautifully taken, but somehow the combined effect doesn't look quite right to me. I think it's the 3-d effect of the candles that throws me.

Aug 19, 2018
    Stunning window! In my tt.

Aug 19, 2018
    Jade O - the 'flatness' is probably due to my positioning relative to the window and candles and the longish focal length I used. To give you an idea of the distance between the two, the candle and cross were some distance behind the photographer who took this photo.


As you see there was a lot more separation than it appears in my photo!
Edited on Aug 20, 2018

Jade O.
Aug 19, 2018
    Interesting information which highlights for me how far we have moved from symbolism in that kind of detail. Well taken but somehow very "flat". I don't get much of an emotional impression on this one.

Aug 19, 2018
    Thanks very much :-) . It was taken in the Lady Chapel in Llandaff Cathedral in South Wales.
Edited on Aug 20, 2018

Aug 19, 2018
    Nice image for the theme, maybe a bit "overcrowded", there is definitively a lot to look at here :) The HDR is well resolved, not overdone. I'm a little doubtful, I think I would have liked the glass windows more underexposed, to see more details - although that would have probably "eaten" the cross among so many colors. Or just the opposite way, blowing up the glass more to make the cross "glow"... args, decisions. Nice job anyway :)
Where is this taken? I think I haven't seen before such flower sculptures, very interesting!

Aug 19, 2018
    Thank you all for the comments.

Elyod - I did try that crop but was sad to loose the unusual 'Mary' flowers with their religious significance. That also meant cutting off the rest of those lovely candlesticks ;-) .
Edited on Aug 20, 2018

Aug 19, 2018
    Impressive and well done to create an image that is exposed for most of the detail.

Aug 19, 2018
    Very well executed. And thanks for the interesting background detail.

Aug 19, 2018
    The photo looks "broken" with the top of the window missing. Could you have tilted the camera to omit the reredos?

Aug 18, 2018
    You found me Robert! No prob for the info. People wanted some for my last entry so I gave them some this time ;-) .

My original plan was to include the alter with religious covering and lower half of the ornate candle sticks but I felt they made the shot too cluttered and fussy.

As for the upper portion of the glass, I would have indeed liked to include it but when I tried cropping it I thought it seemed an excessively tall and thin photo. As people had stated in the forum that they didn't like to scroll tall photos I thought I'd better not push my luck and cropped the bottom and top off my original plan.
Edited on Aug 20, 2018

Aug 18, 2018
    Well done. IMHO, I would have tried to include the entire upper portion of the stained glass, it seems to be abruptly cropped. The multi-imaging reminds me of A.N. Other, which is a compliment. Thanks for the extra information.
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