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  #212 Your Favorite Shots Of This Challenge Period
Entry 9 of 26
Juggling Fire Baton       ©2019 rabaak
Panasonic DC-G9       8th place, 76 points
6s, f8, ISO 100, 28mm, Manual, Center Weighted Average, no flash
Post-Processing: Som Topaz Denise       Extra Info: City of Lake Loppet with Luminaries around the whole lake. Performers were juggling batons and ropes lit on fire at one of the warming stations.
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Feb 25, 2019
    I would never have imagined the complex figures created by the batons - it's really stunning. Great capture with such limited light.

Feb 24, 2019
    I was admiring the beautiful curves of this sculpture - and then I read your explanation! Gravitational and other forces have produced a wonderfully appealing shape. Well captured and visualized. Kudos.

Feb 23, 2019
    Nice capture of what must a been a spectacular event.

Feb 23, 2019
    Wonderful image, would love to know more about it.

Very minor thought - maybe darkening the bright blueish light on the right side would help remove a distraction.

Jade O.
Feb 23, 2019
    Quite a spectacular display and excellent demonstration of what timed photography can do.

Feb 23, 2019
    A nicely executed shot

Feb 22, 2019
    Great shot! The crowd must have been transfixed! Up in my faves.

Feb 22, 2019
    I took over 200 photos that night of these jugglers.
There were a lot of variables in trying to photograph them. The biggest was how long had they been juggling. When they first come out to perform, their batons/ropes/hoops were fully gassed up. So the flames were much brighter. After a couple of minutes, the flames were starting to run out of juice and produced much less light.
So I was continually changing the shutter speed from 1/6 up to 25 seconds. I also hand the aperture frequently, from f4 to f22.
It was cold out, so once I found something that promising, I put my gloves back on. When the image started to lose visibility, I pulled the gloves off and adjusted the camera until a decent image came back.
Out of the 200 photos with various shutter speeds and F4 stops, most friends/family I had look at the slide show chose this one as the best.

Feb 22, 2019
    That is a very interesting effect. I'd also like to see it with shorter shutter speed with less motion of the light. The surrounding looks pretty.

Feb 22, 2019
    Interesting shot and very well captured.
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By rabaak

United States

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