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  #217 Urbex and More
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Gone, but not forgotten?       ©2019 A.N.Other
Panasonic DMC-TZ30       1st place, 161 points
1/639s, f4, ISO 100, 24mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Cropped.
Flipped horizontally.
Distort to correct verticals.
Dodge and burn.
Slight saturation changes.
Clone and spot removal tools.
      Extra Info: This church stands proudly, looking out over the valley at the edge of town. It was built in 1866 but sadly destroyed by fire in 1977. Looking at the dates of the grave stones, townsfolk were still buried here well into the 1980's.
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Jun 11, 2019
    Congrats, well done!

Jun 11, 2019
    Thank you all ever so much for the kind congrats. I found this a really fun challenge. It's always great when a challenge gets me to new places :-)

Jun 11, 2019
    Congratulations! My 1st choice too. Thanks for the extra infos and the links. I like the drone flight very much.

Jun 11, 2019
    Congrats and thanks for the interesting links.

Jun 11, 2019
    Congratulations Neil - you really did justice to this beautiful old church. Many thanks for the links. Very interesting.

Jun 11, 2019
    Congrats for a well-deserved win !

Jun 10, 2019
    Congrats! Beautiful treatment of a neglected treasure!
Edited on Jun 10, 2019

Jun 10, 2019
    Nice find - as always perfectly done.

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Jun 10, 2019
    Very organic, beautiful light.

Jun 10, 2019
    Thank you all for the lovely comments :-) .

ysal - I did ponder over the central tower. I hoped that people would see the church as 'a whole' as I liked the space on the right for the church to look out onto.

Jun 10, 2019
    Wow so lucky of you to have such a beautiful building close by. Great colors, perhaps crop a bit off on the right edge so the tower is not so central.

Jun 10, 2019
    Fantastic - blue/grey/green - lots of texture. Gets my vote.

Jun 10, 2019
    Beautifully composed against that lovely blue sky. I'm always fascinated by the gravestones in sites like this - so much history.

Jun 9, 2019
    Thank you ever so much both.

Frans07 - I'd been to Tintern Abbey once before so was delighted to find out about this church on the side of the valley close to it. I ended up preferring my bonus second subject to my main one. Maybe have a look at the clips in my first comment below.
Edited on Jun 9, 2019

Jun 9, 2019
    WOW! Great finding. A beautiful place. Great shot!

Old Finn
Jun 9, 2019
    Nice combination of urbex and nature. Well composed. My first choice.

Jun 9, 2019
    Quicker than we think. It was much worse than this in the past. Some locals cut back the ivy from time to time to keep the church from being swamped. Photos from a few years ago show much more ivy on the walls.

I lightened the shadows quite a bit and didn't want to push it into HDR territory this time. This is my third go at PP'ing this photo. The other two were 'Extremely' and 'Very' HDR'ed. I wanted to keep it with a natural photo kind of feel so edited it again but from a single photo. aoc46 thinks the opposite. He says I should darken the church, so maybe peoples monitors show shadows differently? Hopefully I left it at a 'happy medium' that most people will think is OK.
Edited on Jun 9, 2019

Jun 9, 2019
    Amazing how quickly nature reclaims things. Lovely place. I wish shadows were opened up a bit on your subject.

Jun 8, 2019
    Thank you both very much for the kind comments. That was the impression I wanted this photo to give :-) .
Edited on Jun 9, 2019

Jun 8, 2019
    Beautiful composition ! At the end, vegetation always win...

Jun 8, 2019
    Lovely scene... poignant juxtaposition of memory and abandonment, of nature vs mankind.

Jun 7, 2019
    Thanks very much both :-)

Robert - Yes you can. Please have a look at these two short YouTube clips. I hope you find them interesting/enlightening.


Edited on Jun 9, 2019

Jun 7, 2019
    Can one get inside? Nicely composed. Fits the theme nicely.

Jun 7, 2019
    Well composed and shot. Like the light on the gravestones. Might consider darkening the church slightly to add contrast and depth; maybe warm the white balance a little as well.
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