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  #236 Furniture
Entry 3 of 20
Table for 2       ©2020 QueenEsther
Apple iphone 6s       3rd place, 121 points
1/192s, f2.2, ISO 25, 29mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Rotated slightly, Cropped the left and bottom, Lightened some areas, Darkened some shadows, Lessened the colours blue and orange, Increased red, Sharpened, and reduced noise.       Extra Info: The sky was dark with clouds,
the thunder rolling loud,
but here we'd meet I vowed,
so I prayed to stave off rain.
The sky was grey and low.
My love had yet to show.
Soon I'd have to go.
and, my efforts be in vain
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2 days ago
    Yes, I am the poet. I got inspired by the photo and that’s what I came up with when I looked at it. I really did have my date there before the rain came, but with no people it looked forlorn.

7 days ago
    Interesting that some say they prefer this over your Main entry. For me, I much prefer the Main which I thought was great.

8 days ago
    Still deciding if I like this or the Main entry. Congratulations!

8 days ago
    Congratulations on your double top 5!

Jade O.
9 days ago
    Congrats on 3rd! And, are you the poet?

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9 days ago
    Very attractive shot and appropriate prose.

11 days ago
    I like the way the golden tones of the wood contrast with the greys and pinks. Being used to sandy beaches I find the stones intriguing. They certainly have beautiful colours - I'm not sure I'd like to walk on them. The clouds are interesting. Were you able to dine before it rained?

11 days ago
    Well-executed, but not as successful as your Main version. The wider view gave a better sense of place, and here the low angle cuts off part of what's on the table.

11 days ago
    The rich colours against the roiling sky are really outstanding. How did you manage to get so much colour in the stones? Beautifully composed, set up , and expertly taken. I hope your efforts weren't in vain.

11 days ago
    I prefer the angle of your main entry - but still a great shot and a high favourite
The lighting contrast between foreground and background feels less natural, almost like a composited shot.
Edited on Oct 10, 2020

Jade O.
12 days ago
    Another angle and a whole different mood. I can't decide which I like best.

12 days ago
    Hmmm, I'm a bit surprised that either this or your main entry was not disqualified for being too similar (that is one of the challenge rules). No matter, same comment as mine on the other image. It's hard to believe a place like this exists (the stones are amazing).

13 days ago
    Creative idea and you've managed to add a lot of interest while still keeping the furniture as the main subject. Love the low angle of the shot. The poem is a nice extra touch too.

13 days ago
    looks a bit chilly nice verse
with a sunset next time
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