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  #236 Furniture
Entry 5 of 20
“Blue Resin River”       ©2020 kingderry
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max       5th place, 99 points
1/59s, f1.8, ISO 400, 26mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: A few minor adjustments to the portrait setting-
Sharpness, warmth, and vignette

Last minute entry
      Extra Info: A Fall season theme dining table!

Fall leaves theme dining table 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁
Locally salvaged spalted Sugar maple by yours truly With flat finish metal legs
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7 days ago
    Congratulations! It is good to see you back in the challenges again. I hope to see you more frequently!

8 days ago
    Congratulations, great lighting and colors.

Jade O - there are several videos on-line on how to make these. Search for "resin wood table"

8 days ago
    Excellent finish - for both the table and the challenge. Congratulations and welcome back!

8 days ago
    knowing the photographer , This must be one of his?
well done on the competition and the table
Ps i didnt read the extra info
Edited on Oct 13, 2020

Jade O.
9 days ago
    Top 5! I really want to know how one makes this.

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9 days ago
    Amazing work. Beautiful craftsmanship. Unfortunately, I don't think the shot does justice to the table. There is a slight distortion of perspective which makes the table appear to droop on both sides. The lighting and angle of the shot give the impression that the resin river is only partway up the gap, I'm referring to the change in colour on the riverbank about halfway up, which looks like the surface of the "water".
I totally love the grain and colours of the wood. It's great to know that such a nice piece of Maple has been salvaged. The metal legs are perfect - no more banging knees under the table.

10 days ago
    A beautiful and innovative table but let down by a not so good technical photo. You could have made a stunning photo of this.

11 days ago
    Love the wood grain, the blue plastic not so much. Maybe too much light from underneath?

11 days ago
    What a beautiful piece of art you have created, and you have relly done it justice with the lighting you have used. Well done!

11 days ago
    That table looks amazing, a real work of art.
I wish that the photo showed more of it clearly - the brightness drops off too rapidly for me.
Edited on Oct 10, 2020

Jade O.
12 days ago
    You really have to tell us more about the process. It is a lovely piece.

12 days ago
    What a fabulous piece of furniture! And beautifully lit and photographed. Well done!

12 days ago
    Did you make this?? I've seen videos of people making these resin tables and they are fascinating. Your lighting is wonderful to bring out the colors and detail. I would consider cloning out the vertical "line" to the right.

12 days ago
    What a gorgeous table and you did a nice job with the lighting and composition to eliminate what looks like a potentially distracting background.

13 days ago
    a beautiful piece of furniture and practical as well
my top favourite
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