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  Mini#47 Best/Favorite Photo of 2020
Entry 4 of 30
Duesenberg Model J       ©2021 Maike13
Panasonic DMC-LX1       4th place, 110 points
1/5s, f2.8, ISO 100, 32mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Noise removal; Perspective Adjustment; Hue, saturation;brightness and contrast adjustment; Curves adjustment; Cloned out many spots from overhead lights.       Extra Info: Not mine unfortunately. Taken at a local Auto show back in January, before Covid-19 hit
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6 days ago
    Loved this. I see so many vintage car shots ruined be the background. The black just adds to the power imo. Well done. Good choice of angle as well.

6 days ago
    Congratulations on your 4th place finish!

6 days ago
    Congratulations on 4th place in a Best of Challenge - they are much more difficult to place in. I actually had you at #1.

7 days ago
    windmillgolfer: Thanks so much. I fear much of the appeal of this shot is due to the beautiful car rather than my photography skill :-(.

forkcandles: I hadn't thought of this as being dutch angle but you're quite right, it is. Glad you liked it.

Old Finn: Thanks. Kind of you to say.

aoc46: I often think a photo only really succeeds if it evokes a memory or emotional response in the viewer so I'm glad this one reminded you of your teens and time in Budapest.

Lo: Thanks. Such kind comments

Jade O.: Thanks. I was impressed by your darkening technique on cookiejar's entry in the last challenge. I'll try darkening the original background and post the result in the Outtakes.

cookiejar: Thanks. I rotated the image a bit to try to give the car a more aggressive (dramatic) stance. Glad you noticed.

kerszkavet: Thanks. Yes I used the black because I didn't like the original background. Jade O. suggested just darkening the background and I'm going to try that and post the result in the Outtakes topic once it's created. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

jomari: Thanks. The black seems a bit controversial. Glad you liked it.
Edited on Jan 11, 2021

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8 days ago
    Fabulous! I love the colour, shown to advantage against the black. Details are wonderful.

8 days ago
    Lovely colours, sharpness and well-balanced exposure with all those highlights
I'm sure you had reasons (e.g. isolation from cluttered surroundings) but I'm not a fan of the black background - made me wonder if it was a model!

9 days ago
    Very dramatic angle. The black background gives it a dream like quality. It is a very clean dream car.

Jade O.
9 days ago
    A fine looking automobile, well taken. I understand setting the car off against a black background and it certainly has an effect, however, I would prefer a more naturalized setting, or perhaps, just overlay the black onto what the background was at the time to darken it down without eliminating it entirely; I can see from the reflections in the grill and rear view mirror that it appears to be an indoor museum or outdoors concours event. The black treatment here to my eye is unnecessarily harsh. That said the technical aspects of the subject capture itself appear flawless to my eye.

9 days ago
    Beautifully composed and taken. The colour and detail are superb. You did a great job of replacing the background. It really makes the photo pop.

9 days ago
    Great shot! As a teenager, I often fantasized about finding about finding a Duesenberg in a barn. Never happened, of course, but a few years ago, I was astonished to see a pristine black sedan parked on the street in Budapest!

Old Finn
9 days ago
    Beautiful picture. Good sharpness and composition.

10 days ago
    this is a striking image of a beautiful car and the use of the "dutch" angle shows it off to its best. great colours

10 days ago
    Superb glossy shot of a wonderful vehicle.

10 days ago
    Thanks ysal. This was shot at an auto show so the original background was extremely unattractive. I guess I could have added a fake background, but I wasn't sure my Photoshop skills were up to getting it to look authentic, so I chickened out and just made everything black. Just pretend it's a Duesenber Model J on a very dark night :-)
Edited on Jan 9, 2021

10 days ago
    The car is beautifully shot. The lack of background gives it the feeling of the car floating in space and that bothers me just a bit.
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