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  Mini#48 Monochrome
Entry 2 of 27
This way up       ©2021 Jade O.
Panasonic DMC-FZ30       2nd place, 176 points
1/200s, f5.6, ISO 80, 35mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Perspective tool to align vertical. desaturate, curves, duplicate image, move second image lower, increase canvas size to fit layers, flatten, polar coordinates, crop, clone to correct defects on seam, gradient tools for lighting, correct defects on windows, add building end on window vertical, resize, sharpen.       Extra Info: Image has been partly duplicated from a single exposure.
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10 days ago
    Congrats, you succeeded in creating a work of art.

10 days ago
    Both of your buildings were extraordinary in every sense. Congratulations.

10 days ago
    Congrats Jade. Wonderful image. I did notice the white 'tear strips' but decided to ignore them since I liked the overall image so much. You really got my imagination going - I was thinking how striking it would be if someone built a building even close to this.

Jade O.
10 days ago
    Thanks Steve. I try to come up with something original and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. No matter how well done, I am not fond of milky water shots, or sunsets, or yet another iteration of paired cutlery in a clever pattern because they have all been done to death (as have reflected mini-worlds in water droplets etc.) There is so much more we are capable of in photography irrespective of our level of technical skill if we just use our imagination and have a little fun. More than ranking, knowing people enjoyed this shot is the best reward but even I find it wanting in many ways. As an aside, I duplicated the lower half of the image to add some height because it was easy but I actually had sufficient height to have used a two image stitched vertical shot instead. See outtakes for my original progression and because I saw the possibilities in the circular effect, I went back and added some height so that when I pp'd it again it filled a standard frame.

10 days ago
    I voted it #1. You're a very creative person. I didn't read the extra info before voting and usually don't pay any attention to it. It wouldn't have changed how much I like the image even if I had. I'm disappointed that it's not a more realistic (less distorted) representation just because that would be such a cool building. Distorting the straight lines via PP is not less realistic than shooting with a fisheye lens, which I like to do sometimes. I will admit that duplicating part of image isn't something I would do though. We all have different ideas about the degree of realism and authenticity we want to represent in our images, but I understand those are very relative concepts and personal choices.

10 days ago
    Congratulations on 2nd place, Jade. I love this and I am so glad that your artistic rendition has been rewarded.

Jade O.
10 days ago
    Thanks jc I'm glad you liked it that much. I say always ask the questions, the better to recognize the biases we all have, which we are wired to have, which effect both our judgment and our actions. We think we are rational beings but most of our decisions are purely emotional and we only reason that they are reasoned ones. See outtakes.

Thank you all for your votes and comments. I was unsure how this would be received since it was a bit out there but I am pleased so many liked it. See outtakes.

11 days ago
    Jade - You made my #1, despite the fact of your extra info. I believe art is art! I Believe information on how we achieved the end result, is almost political in the way it sways our opinion. I voted this no. 1 because it was the best image in my opinion. Without your extra info, I would not have questioned, and in hindsight should not have questioned even so.

I have been brought up English, never excelled at it at school. Sorry if some of my replies seem confusing.

My questions were purely inquisitive, as I still not sure what areas you duplicated. I looked all over to see what areas marched from left and right, and failed to positively identify. So without the extra info, and not sure you had to disclose, I would have thought this was straight out of camera.

Congratulations on no2, and I would have felt honored if I ended up behind you. Best image here by far in my books.
Edited on Feb 15, 2021

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11 days ago
    Fun idea, well executed. I would like to see the original building in outtakes to understand how you've done this!

Jade O.
11 days ago
    johncomyn I could have taken two photos and stitched them to make a panorama vertical but went with the duplication instead. As I noted to Lo below, I needed more height so I added to the original by duplication of the bottom half of the image. I'm interested in the thinking behind the "purist" view that you should render what is in the frame or why a composite image has less merit. It seems to me that any pp is less than authentic and I understand the concept of exposing a negative and what you can do in a darkroom is more constrained but in my mind, digital photography is a whole separate medium with its own rules and trying to say an image is more "authentic" because it is SOOC is self-delusional since all digital images rely upon the camera's internal processor and hence are less "authentic" than film. Even if I had shot this with a panoramic lens it is so heavily processed and so far from reality you would not recognize the original subject and this is about as far from reality (it is a very unauthentic rendering of the original) as it gets before you cross the line into pure abstract and is, I think, very much in the genre of conceptual rather than realist which is one reason why I am so surprised and pleased Steve liked it. All of that said, I have a bias toward an image which is "realist" and a bias toward those images which are a remarkable or particularly difficult capture, so all things being equal when comparing two images of equal quality, I will go with my bias (and that bias is also toward something original which is why I was flattered by Steve's query whether I had copied someone else's shot). But I will always choose the photograph which I subjectively feel is a superior image, irrespective of all else.

The white pixelated edges to the left were a real headache for me. I spend a little time smoothing the worst of it but would have needed another hour at least to do an effective rendering.
Edited on Feb 15, 2021

11 days ago
    This is a very cool architecture image, very abstract. I'd like to know how you did the duplicate, and from what area. Not sure if you loose ant points for that, still un-decided. Only critique is the pixelated white edges on the left side. Great end result regardless.

Jade O.
11 days ago
    Lo I just pointed the camera up and clicked. : ) See extra info. I duplicated the lower half of the image to give it the necessary height when rendering in pp. The balconies extended across 80% of the width of the original image.

Michael I liked the gradient which I used in both the sky and the subject but others had a different view - see below and outtakes.

Old Finn Always pleased to get your positive feedback, thanks.

Maike Appreciate your comments. I do think the gradient adds quite a bit to the sense of depth in the shot.
Edited on Feb 15, 2021

12 days ago
    I have no idea how you did this - but I really like the result. What an interesting pattern for a monochrome challenge - kudos to you for spotting the potential.

12 days ago
    The interesting gradient in the sky adds a lot to this shot. Kudos.

Old Finn
12 days ago
    Interesting, picture. In mu favorites.

12 days ago
    Great eye to see the potential shot and the duplication is very well done. I love the composition with the excellent use of negative space in the upper left quadrant, and how you lightened the duplicate compared to the original.

Jade O.
12 days ago
    fc Thanks. It's a little out of the ordinary so I was unsure how well it would be received.

jomari I'm glad you sensed some whimsey. I was afraid it might be perceived as too aggressive or even hostile.

baby sister When I pushed the black tones any stronger I was starting to lose detail. But see outtakes.

aoc I tried the dark grey and it gives a much starker presentation and I was already concerned that this might be too powerful a presentation as it is. See outtakes for a totally different look using the same image.

12 days ago
    fantastic shapes

12 days ago
    I love the beautiful semi abstract design you have created here. The blend of reality and whimsy is intriguing, the composition pleasing. Tones are nice too. High in my faves.

12 days ago
    This is a very good architectural image and perfect for monotone. Just missing s bit of black.

12 days ago
    Though impressive as is, I might rather see the "sky" area replaced by a solid dark grey, making for a more purely graphic treatment.

Jade O.
13 days ago
    Steve I am delighted you liked it. I did not know if I pushed the envelope too far. This is all original and is actually a corner of a tower which I have distorted into a concave shape. I've never seen another photograph that has tried this that I know of.

Phil I'm glad you liked it. I had some other ideas - see outtakes.

ysal I'm glad you like the end result which strays quite a bit from the original image through some distortions in pp. The original tower is replete with long balconies which is what attracted me to the subject.

13 days ago
    Stunning geometrical composition. Mesmerizing image. Is this composition original or did you copy another photographer's composition of this building.

13 days ago
    I don't know if you can get vertigo by looking up - but it is dizzying - in a good way.

14 days ago
    I'm not sure how this is created but it's one of those images that confuse my eyes and brains. As an image, it's quite beautiful.
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