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  Mini#48 Monochrome
Entry 1 of 22
Candid Portrait of my Husband and Our Dog       ©2021 jomari
Panasonic DMC-FZ70       1st place, 208 points
1/59s, f4.4, ISO 160, 80mm, Portrait, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Crop,
Nikcfx > detail extraction
Nikcfx > darken, lighten centre
onOne > flat iron
Topaz Clarity
Auto tone 50%
Spot heal
Select T shirt and clone out stripes
Brightness/contrast adjustment to the selection
      Extra Info: This was a candid grab. I tried many posed shots with better attention to clothing etc. but didn't quite capture the essence of this.
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13 days ago
    Beautiful image jomari. frame this one.Congrats on your first place.

14 days ago
    Congratulations! What a special portrait for the family!

14 days ago
    This is exceptional Jomari - Congratulations on your beautiful shot.

14 days ago
    Congrats on your well deserved win. Fantastic portrait.

15 days ago
    Thank you all for votes and comments.
Kerszkavets is right. There was a lot of (conflicting) colour in the original. Tan dog, red collar, blue/green shirt, orange blankets and the couch (a roadside recycle find) is purple.

Jade O.
15 days ago
    Congratulations! Sometimes the voters are right! The only sort of surprise is that this didn't get all the first place votes. It's such a great great image.

15 days ago
    Congratulations, what a stunning portrait of your husband, and beautiful dog!

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16 days ago
    Wonderful detail and texture. It's such a lovely, natural shot. My No 1.

Old Finn
16 days ago
    So cute. Well composed and good sharpness. In my favorites.

16 days ago
    Great expressions!
Using B&W works well here as I imagine there is a lot of colour in the scene, so it removes distractions and helps focus on the subjects.

16 days ago
    What's not to like? Well composed, very emotive, love the colour. Well done.

17 days ago
    very nice lighting and composition , the dogs expression doesn't hurt, in my top fav.

17 days ago
    you got thje dogs attention very well

17 days ago
    Love the dog's expression! A really sweet portrait.

Jade O.
17 days ago
    We've seen these two before I think but my goodness your dog is a scene stealer. My first reaction was this was the winning entry (goodness know though the voting is always wonky). At once intimate, sincere, candid, and majestically dignified (both of them), I don't think I've seen any royal portrait which had the same majesty and power. Easily my top pick in a field of fine entries. This is one of the best portrait photographs I have ever seen. And I am thinking of Yousef Karsh among others when I say that. This is just stunning.

18 days ago
    Beautiful. I love the intensity in the dog's expression. Black and white is perfect for this image.

18 days ago
    Well composed - the leaves upper left add a nice balance. Like the contrast of expressions: the man looks ready for a friendly conversation, while the dog looks to be demanding "What are you doing here?"

18 days ago
    I love the way the pup is taking center stage! Great example of B&W bringing lots of impact to an image.

18 days ago
    Love the composition and works great in monochrome. So many shades of grey.
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