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  #243 Macros 2021
Entry 7 of 20
Twang       ©2021 kerszkavet
Panasonic DMC-G80       7th place, 85 points
4s, ?, ISO 200, ?, Aperture Priority, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: B&W crop       Extra Info: Combined two pictures for depth of field
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16 days ago
    nicely done... high in my favorites. composition and vibrating string add much to this image.

17 days ago
    Nice 'abstract'. I like the sense of vibration in the superimposed string.

17 days ago
    Something different and interesting too.. I like the vibration in the string.

17 days ago
    Well thought out and executed. I like the composition, and the balance between curved lines and straight ones.

18 days ago
    aoc46 - thanks for your thoughts - an oblique angle could be a good idea, but would definitely require a lot more stacking!
I chose B&W because i thought the inlay was too distracting in colour, and I wanted the focus to be on the string, with the inlay purely to add context and a little contrast with the black space.

If I have time, I'll try and re-take this for outtakes, taking on board all the ideas from aoc46, JadeO and SteveBee!

18 days ago
    Clever idea. I like that all but the vibrating string is in good focus, but the straight-on view results in a lot of uninteresting black space. You might an oblique view from right or left that compresses the strings' positions. The inlay around the sound hole could add interest in a color shot.
Edited on Mar 27, 2021

19 days ago
    Interesting shot and clever idea. The left string looks a bit strange though.

19 days ago
    Thanks JadeO - but without the movement I felt it lacked interest. Maybe plucking the rightmost string would have been better compositionally, but the leftmost string is thicker so the blur was more visible.
Edited on Mar 27, 2021

Jade O.
19 days ago
    I get it but think three still strings would better suit the composition.

19 days ago
    SteveBee - I tried portrait, but couldn't get the right balance with the edge of the soundhole while keeping three strings in view.
As regards sharpness and more stacking required, I agree. I took this shot a couple of hours before entry, and didn't have time to go back and redo it.
I'm using a legacy 105mm macro lens, and I'm not that skilful with the super-narrow DoF - thought 2 shots would be fine. I'd bought some extension tubes for in-camera stacking with a standard Panasonic lens instead, but work got really busy...

20 days ago
    Very clever shot and well taken. The inlaid pattern to the left tells me this is a guitar with steel strings.

20 days ago
    A most clever take on the theme. I can hear the sound as I view the image. Well done.

20 days ago
    the twang is still reverberating. clever use of the stack

20 days ago
    I wonder if you might not want to go with a portrait orientation since the strings run vertically. Two images don't seem be quite enough to get everything in sharp focus and it needs to be for this image. Or it could be the focus plane was not perfectly parallel to the subject plane, or perhaps the focus point should have been slightly closer to the lens since the left string has a larger diameter so greater depth.
Edited on Mar 25, 2021
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