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  #154 Road
Entry 6 of 20
The Man in the Road       ©2015 kerszkavet
Panasonic DMC-FZ150       6th place, 175 points
1/500s, f5, ISO 100, 192mm, Aperture Priority, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: raw processing- cropping, levels, contrast via B&W layer, sharpening etc.       Extra Info: None
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Mar 9, 2015
    Ah, of course. Franklin and Vine! I should know, I went to school in Hollywood and grew up in Los Feliz! Nice job catching the Ravenswood Apt. in this shot.

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Mar 9, 2015
    Good perspective and like the person in the middle of the lanes

Jade O.
Mar 8, 2015
    I like the vantage point.

Old Finn
Mar 8, 2015
    I like the composition of the picture, nice perspective and good sharpness. High in my favorites.

Mar 8, 2015
    A good capture, which for me, has interest right through from the foreground, leading down the road and into the distance. |In my T5.

Mar 7, 2015
    A great street shot that beautifully captures a moment in time.

Mar 7, 2015
    In what otherwise would be a fairly ordinary scene, the man adds interest without detracting from the focus on the road - in fact, even adds to it. (What's he doing THERE?!!) The car changing lanes also adds a little energy and sense of movement. Nice work!

Mar 7, 2015
    ysal - this is from the top of Vine Street, LA, next to the storage unit near the junction with Franklin Ave. There's a pedestrian island in the middle of the road which made an excellent vantage point as the street drops away - giving the elevated position.

all - I went through about 4 different crops of this, and selected this one as a compromise - I like the sky being there, and the expanse of road in the foreground - I wanted the figure to be the main subject, but without making it to be too obvious (apart from being dead centre, which I could not avoid). I wanted the sense of space, of 1 small person in this huge landscape - that a closer crop might have lost. also I wanted to emphasise the width of the road, hence the squarish composition.

forkcandles - maybe a crop between v and I of the 1600 Vine sign would have been better....

Steve Bee - I hadn't thought of B&W, and will try, but my feeling is that it did not need the simplifying effect of monochrome.

I'll post the original in outtakes, and you can all suggest your preferred crop - but bear in mind this is already cropped heavily!

Mepo - This was the first shot, by the time I'd spotted the figure and zoomed in he was moving, and none of the other shots had the right impact. just a question of luck....
Edited on Mar 7, 2015

Mar 7, 2015
    Lovely sharp photo. The traffic is interesting and the man in the road - what luck! Right on theme with good lighting.

Mar 6, 2015
    i'm viewing this on a smaller screen so i can't see the whole shot without scrolling. but it does show me a tighter crop that looks good (cutting off the empty roadway in the foreground). also a much tighter crop to put more emphasis on the lone man in the street might look good.
overall, great shot.

Mar 6, 2015
    I know exactly where this is, but I'm trying to figure out where you were standing to get this angle!

Mar 6, 2015
    well spotted
a tighter crop to remove the tall buildings at the top ???

Mar 6, 2015
    Plenty going on in this shot to hold my interest. Fits the challenge well and I like the elevated angle it was taken from.

Mar 5, 2015
    Theme - 5
Composition - 3 With an essentially vertical subject a square format is not ideal
Technical - 4
Originality - 4 Like the elevated perspective and the compression from telephoto focal length,
Overall impression - 3 I'd like to see a B&W version because I don't think color adds to this photo, especially the green.

Mar 5, 2015
    One and only one guy perfectly placed and poised for your shot. I'd love to know how much you paid him! LOL Superb timing. It's wonderful how much better the shot is with him in it. Nicely done. Love it!
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