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  #158 Abandoned or Neglected Buildings
Entry 1 of 20
Home Place       ©2015 johncomyn
Panasonic DMC-LX7       1st place, 349 points
1/320s, f2.8, ISO 100, 24mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: 3 Bracketed Exposures.
Convert to B&W
Dodge & Burn
Clone and Healing
      Extra Info: Look carefully at the bottom of the front left window,
what do you see? Not real clear but when printed
16"x12" was quite obvious, freaked me out.
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Jun 2, 2015
    Nicely done! I can see why you picked the topic. You had some shots in mind. And good ones they are! Both were my top picks. Second best to winning is picking the winners. Congratulations.

Jun 2, 2015
    ysal - Think the face is just reflections, never noticed anything while I was taking pictures. It was raining though so did not spend allot of time there. The windows are original I believe, just that they have fitted more modern storm windows, maybe 70's or 80's on the outside.

Jun 2, 2015
    Thank you, for all the votes and comments. I thought there was many great entries in both challenges.

I think I'll transfer the choosing of the next challenge to eagle1.

Jun 1, 2015
    Congrats mate! Another LX series made the list.

Jun 1, 2015
    Congratulations! You got 19 points from me on your two entries. A great challenge topic, but no more winning your own challenge please!

Jun 1, 2015
    BTW, I do see a face in that window. Was it really somebody or just a reflection? It would freak me out too.

Also, all the windows seem modern compared to the rest of the building. Why??

Jun 1, 2015
    Congrats, a very dramatic image of a structure which was probably once a home to somebody.

Jun 1, 2015
    There should be a law against people winning their own challenge - twice! LOL Many congratulations for your well deserved double top. I'm raising a Tsingtao to you- Slante

Jun 1, 2015
    If I'm not mistaken, this is the third time you've scored double firsts. Incredible - and every one well deserved. Congratulations.

Jun 1, 2015
    Congrats John on your double win!

Jun 1, 2015
    Congratulations on a double win. Very well done in a tough competition.

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Jun 1, 2015
    Thanks everyone for the comments! I will post a crop, of the bottom part of the window.

Mepo - How did you guess that filter, it's not PP as you say. it goes in front of the view finder.

Old Finn
Jun 1, 2015
    Interesting angle of view. BW works well here. Is there a big face in the window?

Jun 1, 2015
    the title could have been Bleak House . like the point of view and the face makes it interesting

Jun 1, 2015
    Great shot. The clouds add a spooky feeling to it. I'm pretty sure you are not alone in there.

Jun 1, 2015
    I Like everything about this picture. Composition, conversion, the main subject, the sky, the grass.. Everything works perfectly well together. The mood is what is winning my vote.

May 31, 2015
    Very spooky! A wonderful photo.

May 31, 2015
    All I can say is Wow - why didn't I think of that? The angle is perfect. The B&W really brings out the detail in the grass and siding, and the sky is interesting in its own right. I didn't see anything in the window when I zoomed in - it was when I zoomed out again that the face appeared quite clearly, and now that I've seen it- it just won't go away....

May 31, 2015
    Perfect composition and camera angle. The waving grass in the foreground is a bonus. Excellent choice for monochrome. I'm happy you did not correct the perspective, it works well the way it is. Nice to see the previous tennant keeping an eye on you. Love everything about the shot. I can see the Tsingtao filter probably helped your vision even though it can't be considered post processing ;-)

May 31, 2015
    Brilliant use of a low angle, and a great subject.

Although the black and white brings out the contrasting textures of wood, clouds and grass, and certainly makes it more dramatic, it would be interesting to see the original in outtakes.

The clouds look just a little overdone on the left, if I'm being picky, but in my favourites!

May 30, 2015
    Definitely in my top three. Fantastic angle. You can almost feel the wind blowing the grass. You've done a great job of capturing the abandoned look of the house.

May 30, 2015
    Very good use of low shooting angle. I like the B&W conversion. I can't make out what you are referring to below the window at this resolution.

May 30, 2015
    Interesting perspective. Clearly on theme. Is it another house or a person's face in the window? I could not make it out. Great exposure. B&W really works on this image. High in my favs.

May 29, 2015
    Right on target for the topic and beautifully executed. Excellent comp, sky and contrast. Black and white is the perfect treatment for this. My top favorite.

May 29, 2015
    Thanks to everyone for the nice comments.

Franz07 - Nice to see you back!

May 29, 2015
    I see a young girl - with admittedly a very big head - resting her head on her fists and watching you taking the picture... huhaa... ! :D
Great finding and a very good composition.

May 29, 2015
    Great shot from a good angle and high on my list. It must have been owned by somebody wealthy if they could afford to use the "Shroud of Turin" as a curtain!

May 29, 2015
    Looking ghostly and windswept. Amongst my favourites. Good luck.

May 29, 2015
    My #1 favorite. The composition, especially because of shooting from a low angle, combined with excellent B&W processing....result in an extremely dramatic image. Really well done!

May 28, 2015
    Nice B&W processing; like the framing and perspective, and the choice of subject.
Edited on May 28, 2015
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