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  #161 Vanishing Point
Entry 5 of 29
After the Rain       ©2015 cookiejar
Panasonic DMC-FZ7       5th place, 211 points
2s, f8, ISO 400, 36mm, Shutter Priority, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Straightened, slight adjustment to mid tones, crop and resize for entry.       Extra Info: I had been thinking of taking this shot for a while. I read the challenge theme and the conditions were perfect, so I went a took the shot.
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Aug 19, 2015
    I'll put this here instead of the Forum in the hope you will see it. The best artifact removal program I've found is from Topaz, it's about $30 - one of their less expensive programs. I use a lot of their programs and have done for several years. They have never charge me for an upgrade yet!.
It's called de-jpeg. I use it and their de-noise programs a lot. Like you I have an older Pany and they are not good at low light stuff. It does not work with the same effect every time. Sometimes I see little difference. With your shot I found a massive difference right away. Cheers.

Aug 18, 2015
    Sorry for the delay. It is now in the outtakes.

Aug 17, 2015
    Thanks all, I look forward to your post mepo.

Aug 17, 2015
    This was my number 1. I find it innovative, moody and perfect for the theme. I guess Bernie thinks you have a super steady hand to be able to shoot this at 2s without a tripod LOL.

The noise/grain that several members commented on is mostly due to artifacts. Removing them is easy and certainly improves the image. I can post the result in outtakes if you wish.

Aug 17, 2015
    Congrats on your 5th place! I love the reflection here. Too bad about the noise. If you'd used a small tripod, you could have used a lower ISO with less noise. Still a great find!

Jade O.
Aug 17, 2015
    Top 5. Congrats!

Aug 17, 2015
    Well done. Beautiful shot. Was my third choice. Glad you were able to use the challenge to take something you had already seen.

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Aug 17, 2015
    in my favourites
the crop should of been after the fence on the left hand side

Aug 17, 2015
    Nice use of cobble stones for your vanishing point, well exposed lighting.

Aug 16, 2015
    Don't you love it when you plan a shot like this and it works out so well. Nice one!

Aug 16, 2015
    Isn't it great when you are able to match a favourite scene with the perfect theme. Beautifully exposed, great angle - right on theme.

Jade O.
Aug 16, 2015
    Nice but too grainy/amber cast to make my TT.

Aug 16, 2015
    A rainy night in Bristol?...............A good interpretation of the theme, should place high.

Aug 15, 2015
    Very effective take on theme. Lighting is marvelous. Great capture!

Aug 15, 2015
    Lovely shot.

Aug 15, 2015
    like your subject and the conditions too! But I would not have increased the light (pp presumably) so much (or at least selectively done it where you have sufficient photons in the walkway/ground. Leads to way to much noise in walls. In fact, a very dark, barely visible set of walls would work better I think. Try posting that in outages; curious how it would look.

Anthony Comyn
Aug 15, 2015
    The overall impression of the image is good and spot on with the theme, however on closer inspection noise in the distance especially around the lights is a little distracting, and creates some colour abnormalities. Maybe a B&W conversion would do better as noise is less of a problem in this format.

Aug 15, 2015
    Lovely light/dark image. On theme.
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