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  #21 Sun
Entry 10 of 38
Sunset Drift       ©2006 Plebian
Fuji FinePix S7000       10th place, 126 points
1/639s, f8, ISO 200, 243mm, Manual, Average, flash
Post-Processing: nr, crop, curve, usm, resize, usm, clarify, save.       Extra Info: At least one off-camera flash would have been nice for more solid lighting on the driftwood. Two would have been real nice. There's two huge stacks in the distance with some smoke or something drifting to the left.
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Jul 11, 2006
    out of focus; Thank you for the after hours comment and compliment.

Tks for the comments and the votes! I enjoy participating in the PanaChallenge lots! It's a good format and the talent here is very good. It also gives me another 'challenge' to work along with FujiMugs. These are the only two I participate in. There's a few reason's for that but simply put, those involved make it enjoyable. Thank you for that!, and tks to the one's behind the curtain who keep the wheels turning.

Jun 29, 2006
    Very nice photo Plebian... Highly appreciable effort and exposure management..

Jun 27, 2006
    Thank you dp! I appreciate it! Quite pleased with the placement, and pleased with the photo. Still need work on technique though.

Thank you Aussie! It's rare territory for me.

Jun 27, 2006
    Congrads on top ten

Jun 26, 2006
    Hey Lawrence...Good show and congratulations you deserve this and more. dp

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Jun 26, 2006
    wangi; tks for commenting! Using the external flash still needs alot of practice as does my post skill. Dodging/burning is something I've used very little and I don't really think about it. Even while lamenting over the brightness of that f/g branch it didn't occur to me till there just wasn't enough time to rework the post. Probably didn't need the driftwood in there but I setup for it, for the challenge.

Pirate; thank you for the kind words! I'm pleased you are liking my entry. Oh, don't go dieing just yet. You'll miss out on the next Challenge.

hifi; yes, it is calming, and was a very pleasant evening while I was there. Hot day with a slightly cool breeze blowing from the nw across the river. Thank you for commenting.

broph; I under exposed slightly for the sunset then added the ext. flash. I'm finding these kinds of shots very pleasing, whatever the subject, though there is a skill level that is still out of reach. Thank you for commenting. I appreciate it.

citymars; how to get the flash to extend through 10 or 15 feet of an element while keeping it all evenly exposed is quite the chore. I think some better post work could help alot. That was pretty much an after-thought. You're right though, about that harshness, at least on the nearside driftwood as I'm seeing it, which might very well be what you're referring to. Thank you for commenting.

Jun 26, 2006
    I imagine this is a difficult photo subject, because you need the flash to show the driftwood, but I think the harsh artificial light detracts from the natural light and the beauty of the sunset. Hmmm.

Jun 24, 2006
    For me the driftwood in the foreground makes the picture. Most times the flash lights up the foreground and the background is lost. Not here, the sun can hold up it's end of the photo making a complete capture. The dappled sunlight on the waves connecting the two is your bonus for waiting for the exact right moment to click. Congrats.

Jun 23, 2006
    A calming picture- really like this.

Jun 23, 2006
    To die for. What an image. In my T5.

Jun 23, 2006
    If I couldn't read your comment I'd have asked about the driftwood. Trying to imagine the photo without the foreground, probably does need it for interest... So yeah, burn it a bit?


Jun 22, 2006
    Why the exif is showing 1/639 has long been a mystery. It does this at FujiMugs too. I had the shutter set at 1/640. Possible it's something that occurs with Psp, not real sure. It's been asked about in commenting over at FujiMugs in the past so if you're wondering, it's a mystery.

That bright nearside driftwood, with the heavy shadow underneath, probably should have been burned. Or maybe a deeper crop to remove it. Or, it just occured to me, I could have removed it from the scene while shooting but that's definately hindsight. Something to keep in mind when shooting in such a manner next time.

Thought of something else that might have helped using the external flash... I could have tilted the flash head up a notch or two. Not real practiced with external flash but that might have given me good light without that nearside brightness. Umbrella's and reflecters too I reckon, if I wanted to make a whole big production out of it ;-) Would have looked good I think.

Cheers, and tks for looking!
Edited on Jun 22, 2006
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