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  #29 Tradition
Entry 4 of 34
Time-honoured Tradition       ©2007 hifi
Panasonic DMC-FZ30       4th place, 203 points
1/1s, f6.3, ISO 80, 130mm, Aperture Priority, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: levels, resize, usm       Extra Info: None
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Feb 13, 2007
    I think this is a very noce photo! Congratulations! Carlo

Feb 12, 2007
    Thanks everyone for your comments and votes!

I shot this in aperture priority using different f stop values to vary the DOF and this was my favorite of the bunch. This was shot using the Raynox DCR-150 lens to get the effect like this. The background picture is a wedding shot of yours truly and my wife. Lighting was natural- no flash used, but maybe a controlled/diffused light would have been better?

Next time I gotta choose my props more carefully.... :)

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Feb 12, 2007
    My n 1!!! a very nice wedding photo, nice colors and sharpness of the rings.
It's funny that the man and woman are completely out of phocus so this photo it can be recycled for any couple that wants one of that! LOL

Feb 12, 2007
    Nice shot, I like the composition, but may be an excessive illumination from the center gives a lot of reflections, I can suggest some kind of diffusion in the camera flash, and another bouncing ligth to increase the details from the rings.

Feb 11, 2007
    Nice take. Good comp, I may have taken a bit more off the left side. The brillo/cleaning pad is not that attractive (the yellow thingie)...I think a darker color (black or very dark blue) would add some 'Pop' to the foreground subject. Nice focus.

Feb 10, 2007
    absolutely brilliant!!!! I love this shot

Feb 10, 2007
    Definitely fits the theme. In my first draft of favorites. The rings seem huge! My guess is this was taken in front of a wedding photo. I'm bothered by the cushion. The yellow is awfully big and bright, and the pink seems like a blood stain -- probably not the message you were intending! ;-)

Feb 10, 2007
    Very tasteful, very good. Nicely composed. Sharp where it should be and OOF in the right place. Thanks for sharing.

Feb 9, 2007
    Great sharpness in the foreground but do you think it would have been enhanced with a little less bokeh on the bridal couple. Still makes my TT.

Feb 9, 2007
    Good definition on the rings, lovely picture. The yellow pillow is for me to strong. The cam a little bit up with a little tilt down maybe? In my TT though.

Feb 9, 2007
    Now that I go back and look at my entry again- I am starting to regret my choice of prop for the rings... This is a small doll pillow that I grabbed to use, but maybe should have used something different- something not as bright. On the camera LCD and computer it looked good, but I agree it does distract too much.
Edited on Feb 9, 2007

Feb 9, 2007
    Pretty nice. The pillow's color and texture is most unfortunate.

Feb 8, 2007
    Beautiful composition and idea. There are other wedding ringsm but with the couple behind this one stands out.

Feb 8, 2007
    Very nicely prepared picture, and also very much traditional.

Feb 8, 2007
    Very nice shot although, to me, the color/texture of the pillow doesn't really match the scene, and is a bit distracting.
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