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  #30 Food
Entry 2 of 40
Apple       ©2007 Shadow
Fuji FinePix S9000       2nd place, 366 points
1/40s, f2.8, ISO 80, 125mm, Manual, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: curves
neat image
      Extra Info: None
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Mar 21, 2007
    Congrats with your TT finish Shadow! The hotspot doesn't bother me. Sure it can be toned down and stuff but in effect it's much like catch light in the eyes of people or animals.

A spray bottle does come in handy. I know some outdoors macro shooters that carry them. My spray bottle mostly gets used on my cat :-) I didn't even think to use it on my pickles. It probably would have helped. For food I've found that vegetable oil can help with making it look fresh. Can be messy though. Usually I dab an oiled paper towel on foods. There's a lot of tricks but the thing is to keep it looking fresh. That spray bottle is about the most effective.

Mar 21, 2007
    Thank you to everyone who voted for my photo, I didnt expect to get 2nd and to be only 4 points off first at that. The highlight is something that had I been more dilligent with the lights I could have avoided. The narrow DOF was intentional and the photo came out almost exactly as I had planned. & sparkdog, I used to wonder the same question till someone pointed out that they just sprayed it with water. lol

Thanks again for my highest finish ever, Lets role on to the next one.

Mar 19, 2007
    Congratulations! Excellent camera work.

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Mar 18, 2007
    Apples are always good, the water is great, the hot spot not so, but how do you get nice twinkles in the droplets w/out the hot light.?. Still high in my favorites. Good luck, dp.

Mar 18, 2007
    An apple with the seduction of a strawberry. Excellent shot!

Mar 17, 2007
    lovely sharp shot. I love the selective focus and the dark background.

Mar 17, 2007
    Very appealing entry, great colours with just the right amount of light for the effect. Well done, high TT.

Mar 17, 2007
    A beautiful apple, I wish a deeper depth of field had been used, I'd like to see more of the apple in focus. The photo also seems too dark, yet there's that bright spot, which I guess would have burned out at a longer exposure.

Mar 16, 2007
    Nice shot, we don't have to see the whole apple to know what it is. Reflected light hurts the picture.

Mar 16, 2007
    Excellent shot. I like the waterdrops and the colors of red and green.
An apple a day will keep the doctor away....or get my vote! :-) In my TT~!

Mar 16, 2007
    absolutley stunning
on t5

Mar 16, 2007
    Cracking entry. Just a joy to look at. One to get printed onto canvas I think. Easily in my T10.

Mar 16, 2007
    A rather novel idea, very effective. I like it!

Mar 15, 2007
    I like this one a lot. A couple of minor things moved it down my top ten a bit. More diffuse lighting would have avoided the blown highlight which is a little distracting and it's perhaps a shade too dark (I'd have liked to have seen a hint of the rest of the apple). On the other hand I'd be thrilled if this was my entry, so don't take my critique too seriously :-)

Mar 15, 2007
    Beautiful! It is mysterious looking and I like that. Very appealing image.

Mar 15, 2007
    I love this shot. The droplets in the foreground are crisp and the way the apple disappears into the darkness almost makes it look like a planet. In my TT. By the way, how did you get the apple to sweat?
Edited on Mar 15, 2007

Mar 15, 2007
    A classic shot ... but usually the entire fruit is in focus. A tripod and f5 would have made a big difference.
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