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  #74 The kitchen
Entry 9 of 21
Bananas       ©2010 Edward48
Panasonic DMC-L1       9th place, 63 points
1/800s, f1.4, ISO 400, ?, Aperture Priority, Center Weighted Average, no flash
Post-Processing: Levels, increase blacks, add vignette, and sharpen.       Extra Info: None
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Jade O.
Feb 10, 2010
    Had this in my top 5 but a nice TT finish all the same.

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Feb 9, 2010
    Thank you very much dodrizzt. I'm glad the 'rustic' colours work for you.

Feb 9, 2010
    Thank you Franz. You are right, a closer crop would make the bananas dominant. But I wanted to show the table texture as part of the kitchen element.

Feb 9, 2010
    Maybe the bananas call more for "fruit" or "food" than for "kitchen", but adding the fruit bowl and the table clearly situate them "in the kitchen", so it's nice for the theme. Also a nice PP job done, unusual but very appealing colours. Well done!!

Feb 9, 2010
    Beautiful! This brown-yellow-blue color composition is great - showing your great sense of aesthetic!
OTOH, although it would be a pity to crop closer, I wonder if the bananas would have an even stronger affect if they where bigger.

Feb 9, 2010
    Thank you very much Una.

Feb 9, 2010
    This is amongst my favourites, I like the composition and the colors.

Feb 8, 2010
    Thanks Rafael. It's the textures in this that interested me.

Feb 8, 2010
    I love the way the three textures/colours interact. The vignetting ensures that the background does not dominate. The point of view whilst static seems like a logical choice given the subjects.

Feb 8, 2010
    Thank you harpazo. I am about to eat a banana right now. Hope it's not too cold :)

Feb 7, 2010
    There's something interesting to this shot that I like. It has a cold and almost negative feeling to it, the same feeling I have when I am up early and I don't want to be. Kind of strange because bananas aren't cold and negative at all! :) In my favorites.

Feb 7, 2010
    Thanks Jade. I don't think we will ever agree 100% on the respective merits of a shot. But of course this is what makes the Panachallenge so interesting.
A wood background was the only sane way to go with this :)

Jade O.
Feb 7, 2010
    The simplicity and beautiful use of colour is hurt a lot in my view by the use of a wood background. If you could, I would have gone with a plain white background. Still nicely lit and composed -vertical (portrait orientation) is the way to go here and I don't think I would have thought of that.
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By Edward48

United Kingdom

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