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  #80 Still Life
Entry 3 of 22
Bread and fruit       ©2010 rafinmelb
Panasonic DMC-GF1       3rd place, 115 points
1/5s, f10, ISO 100, ?, Aperture Priority, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Crop, darken bg, curves, sharpen       Extra Info: Enjoyed eating it
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May 30, 2010
    Belated congratulations. It's nice to see the super entries as I return from vacation. Now I am intrigued by them chopping off the top of the pineapple; maybe they can pack more in a box this way. Good to see you back.

Jade O.
May 18, 2010
    Welcome back!!! Nice showing!

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May 17, 2010
    Nice "classical" image for a still life, what I like most here are the rich, strong colours on the fruits. Not so sure on the bread, as it seems to "steal" a lot of attention from the rest of the composition, having less "pop" colour, maybe placing it on a less centered position... but anyway, I like it, so TT for me, well done!!

May 17, 2010
    The fruits look perfect, but isn't the pastry a bit big compared to the rest?

May 17, 2010
    Beautiful still life, lots of color, good exposure etc., great composure for all these objects, in my top picks.

May 17, 2010
    Black background a great decision for the composition.
Having a hard time deciding whether the bread enhances or detracts for the shot.
Seems to me the flowery fop of the bread is distracting.
Great colors.

May 16, 2010
    Thanks all. Yes the pineapple needs leaves, but that is the only way they are sold round here at present.

Just got it all home from the normal Saturday morning shop and shot it before it started getting eaten.

May 16, 2010
    A standard still life, however a bootiful selection of fruits enhanced by the bread in the foreground. a good deep black but one disappointment no green leaves on the pineapple. this may have deliberate due to landscape selection.

May 15, 2010
    I like the layout, content and color in this. It is probably my top choice.

Old Finn
May 15, 2010
    One of my favorites. Maybe a bit less food would have been better. Beautiful, rich colors.

May 14, 2010
    Would have been better without the bread in my opinion.

May 14, 2010
    very classical interpretation of theme...Very well lighted an balanced...
Don't know what but there's something that disturbs...Perhaps colors
are too vivid....

Jade O.
May 13, 2010
    This riot of colour assaults the visual senses but in a pleasing way. I dislike pineapples without the tops though. Looks like it could do with more depth of field and a little sharpening but overall, well lit and artfully composed, especially considering it is such a complex arrangement where so much could go wrong.
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By rafinmelb


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