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  #92 Patterns
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Lights of Colander       ©2010 Jade O.
Panasonic DMC-FZ30       5th place, 81 points
2s, f11, ISO 80, 51mm, Manual, Spot, no flash
Post-Processing: Clone out small camera reflection, resize.       Extra Info: Shot in a darkened room with one off camera hand held flash. The shadow with the handles is a reflection of the flat shadow on the surface reconstituted into the original shape by the curved surface of the colander. The intended patterns are rounded lights, reflected light groupings, and curves.
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Jade O.
Nov 17, 2010
    Thanks, Lo. I always appreciate every kind of feedback but your comments are very generous.

Franz, sorry, I'm late in acknowledging your comment. I, too, thought Spacey so I'm pleased to see someone had the same impression.

Nov 16, 2010
    Congratulations on your TF Jade - I ran out of time to comment before the vote, but wanted to compliment you on your entry - loved the angle, loved the reflection back on the colander, and the interesting shadows cast by the lighting.

Jade O.
Nov 16, 2010
    For the record, this colander is


squeaky clean (the scratchy brown and white is shadow and reflection of the surface it is sitting on.) Like everything else in my kitchen cupboards it is clean and new and, uhm, barely used!!! Really, those are not coffee stains! 8-)
Edited on Nov 16, 2010

Nov 16, 2010
    Don't even talk to me about coffee - I've already taken Franz to task for his choice LOL. By the way - you might find it less expensive in the long run if you go out and buy new filters for your coffee maker. Using paper towels in a colander will leave an ugly brown stain.

Nov 16, 2010
    Congrats on your 5th place, and thank you very much for your deep and often right criticism . It's a bright shot.
Edited on Nov 16, 2010

Jade O.
Nov 15, 2010
    Thank you all for your votes and comments. Each one is sincerely appreciated.

Thanks, Bill. I agree it is a matter of personal perspective but I deliberately chose not to show both handles and yet still received the anticipated comment that some would have preferred a more balanced presentation. It's difficult to make great photos without great lighting so I've been concentrating a bit on that this last while, not always successfully.

Nov 15, 2010
    Thanks for your comment on the other side and about interpreting others' art. I like this one of yours because of the light treatment. A nice example of a common object (not particularly aesthetic) turned into something special. The winners seemed to be rather regular and repetitive patterns. Perhaps that is what folks were looking for. For myself, this one and the others that are asymmetric, are much more visually interesting. Nice finish!

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Nov 15, 2010
    Spacey! Great idea and really nice.

Jade O.
Nov 15, 2010
    piman Welcome to Panachallenge! Originality was my goal in this Challenge in both entries - I wanted to try something I had not seen before. I thought about both handles but selected this framing as a matter of personal preference.

raf Always admire the positive spin in all of your critiques. Not the most obvious patterning, I agree, but about as interesting as my limited abilities could make the subject. (see outtakes for obvious and perhaps better photos but too easy and too unoriginal.)

Nov 12, 2010
    What a wonderful interplay of shadows and reflections. A truly original concept. Including the complete colander handles would be a plus. Top ten.

Nov 12, 2010
    A really interesting study of lighting. The patterns element is almost (almost I said) secondary to the interplay of light and shade which is quite intriguing.

Jade O.
Nov 12, 2010
    Ah, elliott, what is really crazy is that the colander is so well polished that what you see is the reflection of the white surface which is not shiny at all and the "dull brown" parts of the colander is actually just encroaching shadow from the light overhead on the lip of the colander - that is why the sides of the colander are white and the central area appears brownish or stained. The colander is actually so shiny it is virtually as reflective as a glass mirror.
Edited on Nov 12, 2010

Nov 11, 2010
    crazy, but what caught my eye is the light and reflection on the handle. this is neat but i would have polished the colander first to get that same brilliance and reflection. good luck with entry. el
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