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  Mini#24 Best of 2012
Entry 8 of 39
Field of Reflection       ©2012 davep56
Panasonic DMC-G2       8th place, 139 points
1/320s, f11, ISO 100, 28mm, Manual, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Slight changes to Highlights-15 and shadows +11 in Lightroom 4       Extra Info: None
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Jan 16, 2013
    Thanks to all those that voted and commented. Found the comments encouraging and constructive.

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Jan 14, 2013
    It took me a while to discover the birds. Nice color and mood.

Jan 14, 2013
    Beautiful reflections. In my favourites.

Jan 14, 2013
    great back-lit-reflective capture I like the framing and use of the trees & gets in my tt...

Jan 14, 2013
    I like the shades of blue in the sky and the water. Very nice picture.

Jan 14, 2013
    I love the capturing of the reflection here. I'm a bit concerned that part of the trees disappeared in the sunlight, and the crop is a bit too close to the bird on the left.

Thought the sky is very pretty, I may have cropped this to a square format by removing the top of the photo just below the bright sunlight. Just a thought. Good Luck in the voting!

Jan 14, 2013
    Beautiful shot, I can't take my eyes off it. Goes to show you, Rule of 1/3 can (and should) be broken at times.

Jan 13, 2013
    You choice of metering is perfect for this image. Very well executed. Too bad about the ducks. I'd rather have them more in the frame or out. But they don't follow direction well now do they! :0)

Jan 13, 2013
    Great atmosphere; I find the ducks(?) on the left a little distracting

Jan 13, 2013
    The starkness of the season is beautifully captured here.

Jan 13, 2013
    Really like the composition, and the fact that you have taken the shot into the sun, but IMO the geese take away from the balance in the photo, and could have been cloned out.

Jan 12, 2013
    Very nice reflective scene, maybe a little central and by cropping the left side to remove the water birds would enhance it to my taste. High in my favorites, well done.

Jan 12, 2013
    Wonder what b&w would be like. The birds either need more space or need to be cloned. Lovely use of light,and that is what photography is about.

Jade O.
Jan 12, 2013
    Finely executed!

Jan 11, 2013
    Great reflection - but the goose almost cut off on the left bothers me, just a bit more room on that side would be nice - if there was space on the original to expand to the left and crop a bit of the right it would have had less of a right-in-the-middle feel.

Jan 11, 2013
    Impressive use of light and reflection - I like it!

Jan 11, 2013
    The birds are a bit of a distraction but the overall picture of calm. the blues work well in the picture. well done

Jan 11, 2013
    Very beautiful photograph. I like the disturbance in the water at the point of sun's reflection, giving an indication of life to an otherwise still shot. In my top favs.
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By davep56

United Kingdom

32 Challenge

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