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Resize an entry?
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  [1 of 1]  Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2009, 19:22 (4377 days ago)
Modified: Mon Nov 30, 2009, 14:39 (4113 days ago)
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The Panachallenge rules have two size requirements, a resolution requirement and a file size requirement. The combination of factors sometimes gets new users a little confused and they end up with an image with correct file size but so small on the screen that it cannot be fairly judged or alternately with an image the correct size on the screen but that is over the size limit.

There are a number of tools that allow you to resize images, below are some guides using common tools:

* Photoshop (thanks to rafinmelb)
* Lightroom (thanks to rafinmelb)
* Paint Shop Pro (thanks to LaRee)
* Gimp (thanks to Jade O)
* FastStone Image Viewer (thanks to Franz07)

Topic is locked       Panachallenge Forum -> PanaChallenge -> Tips
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