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#264 Beginnings and Endings
Created by Lo
Hosted by Lo
      THIS IS THE LAST CHALLENGE THAT WE WILL BE RUNNING ON PANACHALLENGE. We are in the final phase of testing our new site, and will be inviting all members to join us there in the near future. Challenge #264, is entitled “Beginnings and Endings” for a good reason. It signifies the end of Panachallenge as we know it, but promises the beginning of a new site that will hopefully carry on the tradition of setting themes and deadlines that test our skills as photographers. For this Challenge, we ask you to take a photo that depicts either a beginning (a new start, a new life, a change, etc.) or an ending (a destination, an achievement, a failure). The options are endless and limited only by your imagination. We have a forum set up at https://panachallenge.com/forum/forum_topic.php?id=1023

Entry period: 17 Nov 2022 through to 8 Dec 2022 23:59:59 UTC (localtime?)
Entry period: Entries must be taken on or after 17 Nov 2022
Entry rules: Main Category is for Lumix/Leica, Open Category is for Any Digital Camera Brand See the full challenge rules
Voting period: 9 Dec 2022 00:00:00 UTC through to 12 Dec 2022 23:59:59 UTC (localtime?)

5 days remaining to submit an entry.

MAIN Category

  • 4 validated entries
  • 0 unvalidated entries
  • 0 invalid entries

    OPEN Category

  • 2 validated entries
  • 0 unvalidated entries
  • 0 invalid entries

  • Random top-five entry from past Challenges:

    Mini#32 Monochrome, 2016
    no distractions

    By elliott
    4th place, 187 points
    Canon EOS M

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