Panachallenge Rules

Updated May 21, 2015

There are two categories for each challenge theme. One is the main category, where entries must be taken by a Panasonic Lumix (and their Leica cousins) digital camera during the entry period. The other is the open category, where entries may be taken by any camera. You may submit an entry to either, or both categories.

Entries for either category should convey the theme without needing additional explanation. The entry and voting period is the same for both categories.

Most of the rules are the same for each category; differences for the main category are shown to the right below:

General Rules

Entry period:

    Entries will normally be accepted over a three week period (give or take a few days), beginning when a challenge is officially started. Check this site for specific dates of current and past challenges. Check the site calendar for upcoming themes.

Entry requirements:

    Pixel Size:  Total width + height no more than 1800 pixels (so for example 1000x750 is good for 4:3 aspect ratio and 1024x576 is good for 16:9)
    File Size:  No larger than 1024 Kbytes
    (file size and image size will be a trade-off: Use a smaller image size if it has lots of detail and you cannot get the file size below 1024Kb - click here to see the tutorials on entry resizing)

    Photos must be taken during the challenge entry period.

    If you are not able to adjust the photo size, you may submit the original photo, and it will be resized for you. If you send an entry that is larger than 1024 Kbytes, it will be re-saved with additional compression to get the file size at or below 1024 Kbytes.

    Use only letters and/or numbers in your photo's filename.

    Any post-processing you wish to perform is allowed, but you must specify all post-processing.

    EXIF data must be in the photo you submit! If the EXIF data is not in the photo (due to post-processing, for example), upload the original photo along with your entry for EXIF verification.

    No Signatures! Your name, logo, etc. are not allowed on your entry. User names are hidden during voting - do not add any text to your photo that may identify you.

    Please do not post your entry elsewhere during the challenge! To help keep photos anonymous, do not post your entry on dpreview or other photo web sites until the challenge voting has ended.

    Frames & Borders: No frames or borders are allowed.

Number of entries:

    Only one entry per person will be accepted (if you're caught signing up more than once to submit multiple entries, all of your entries will be disqualified). You may change your entry at any time, and any number of times, during the entry period by uploading another photo.

    You may submit one entry to the main category and one entry to the open category. If you submit entries to both the main and open categories, your open entry must be significantly different from your main entry (the challenge host will notify you if the entries are too similar).

Submitting your entry:

    You must be registered and logged in to submit an entry. If you are logged in, you will see a link to the upload form on the challenge page and main Panachallenge page.

Visibility of entries:

    Your entry will not be visible to anyone but you until the end of the entry period. At that time, the entries will be displayed for the voting period. Information on who submitted the photos, camera model, etc., will be shown after voting ends.


    You may enter comments about photos throughout the voting period. During this time, you will only see comments you have entered and comments on your own entry. After voting ends, all comments will be visible to everyone, and you will be able to enter additional comments.


    Immediately following the entry period, all entries will be displayed for for public voting (normally over a weekend - Friday through Monday). You do not have to submit a photo to be able to vote - anyone registered on Panachallenge can vote. You cannot vote for your own entry. You may change/update your vote at any time, and any number of times during the voting period. Voting consists of choosing your favorites, then ranking them in top ten order. Your first place vote will receive 10 points, second place 9 points, etc., down to 1 point for your tenth place vote. At the end of the voting period, the votes will be counted and the results will be displayed.

    Five to ten favorites must be selected before you can record your vote. You do not have to select all of your favorites during a single visit to the web site - you may select some favorites, then return later in the voting period to complete the process.
Additional Rules

Who may enter:

    The main category is open to anyone using a Panasonic Lumix (and their Leica cousins) digital camera.


    The theme of subsequent challenges will be determined alternately by the winner of the main category for even-numbered challenges and by the winner of the open category for odd-numbered challenges. When choosing a theme, please keep in mind that people all over the world may be entering - don't be too restrictive (for example, choosing "sea shells").
    The winner is not obligated to choose a theme for the next challenge. The winner may defer to the other category winner, and then next in line (from 2nd through 10th place among both categories).
    For "mini" challenges the theme is chosen by a site administrator.

Please send email if you have any comments or suggestions on the rules.