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  #82 Street Scenes
Entry 11 of 17
Break Time from the Underground       ©2010 wrosenthal
Panasonic DMC-FZ35       11th place, 42 points
1/500s, f3.7, ISO 80, 153mm, Aperture Priority, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Cropped and exposure adjustment.       Extra Info: None
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Jun 22, 2010
    Bill. you are so right. It's one of the great benefits of belonging to this site. I honestly do learn so much by analyzing so many super photos. The comments are very helpful too; it is so great when someone points out something in my photos (good & bad) that I had not realized was there. Now all I have to do is remember all this when I pick up my camera :-)

Jade O.
Jun 22, 2010
    Banning photos of uniformed officers!? Next thing you know, they ban photos of subway stations, and airport screening areas...oh wait, I think they already do that some places. I agree, Bill, some security things seem wonky. We're doing the G20 in Toronto this week and if you are a tourist, it will be impossible to take a photo WITHOUT a uniformed officer in it! (I agree I just don't know how Michael can peg the photog in these shots so well.) Nice shot-should have made the top ten.

Jun 22, 2010
    Right. I got the reference. I still don't know how you can figure out who's photos you are looking at. I think that if I could do that I would be a much better photographer.

Jun 21, 2010
    I had thought this would be higher as you can tell. Maybe voters have an unconscious dislike of construction workers. I know from experience that some people don't hesitate to vent their feelings in real life when you hold them up for 2 minutes :-) My cut cables comment was a reference to your cut coax cable in the disconnected challenge.

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Jun 20, 2010
    Thanks very much. Mepo (below) had it right--about what is going on.

Jun 20, 2010
    Very nice finding for the challenge. Open for lots of speculation about the story.
Very nice.

Jun 20, 2010
    Thanks for the comment Lo. Much appreciated.

Jun 20, 2010
    Thanks Mepo. Not sure others will get the reference, but I do. I have been know to do some underhanded things to get a shot, but cutting cables was not one of them. ;-). I've cut a few strings and corners, however.

Jun 20, 2010
    Great street shot , nicely cropped. I like the colour and the normalcy - it's certainly something we are part of every day in our commutes.

Jun 20, 2010
    I especially like the way the composition, both by colour and geometry draw me in to the group. I spent many years working on underground utilities so have a real appreciation for what these guys do and the dangers of confined space work (nb I don't see any fall arrest apparatus). I was going to say that I spent many years working on the street but Jade would slaughter me on that one LOL. Very much a street scene, one repeated all over the world. I presume the photog has given up cutting cables above ground and has now decided to go underground :-) Bill?

Jun 18, 2010
    It's much worse than you could imagine. The area around there has be dug and re-dug for months and months. Mostly has to do with replacing aged sewer lines and water mains. The utility company pays the city police department to have officers on hand to protect them from traffic.

Jun 18, 2010
    everybodys nightmare 'men working' in the street so your day will slow up.
lots of eqiuipment and the eye is drawn to the cop why is the camera pointing at me. i expect he is asking ok guys can you finish up now

Jun 18, 2010
    Thanks very much.

Jun 18, 2010
    I like this one. Nice grouping and well composed. Couple of blown highlights might be worth playing with but that is just being picky.

Jun 17, 2010
    Banned taking photos of uniformed officers? How is that even possible? I have numerous shots of police and fire folks doing their work. I have never been challenged once. Anyway, glad that you liked the shot. Thanks for commenting.
Edited on Jun 17, 2010

Jun 17, 2010
    you were lucky to get this shot without making waves. i few cities and states i think have banned taking photos of uniformed officers. they are our trusted public servants, what would they want to hide anyway. great clear shot on the street scene.

Jun 17, 2010
    Thanks very much. Your analysis is always appreciated.

Jade O.
Jun 17, 2010
    There is so much to like in this from the human interest to the colours to the technical merits (sharp focus, nice framing, engaging scene with each character's pose being natural and yet unique with no "awkward moment caught look to any of the three of them -- not always that easy to capture with three subjects.) In my top picks.
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