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  #114 Perspective
Entry 8 of 19
The Snail's View of the World       ©2012 wrosenthal
Panasonic DMC-FZ150       8th place, 95 points
1/400s, f2.8, ISO 100, 25mm, Aperture Priority, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Cropped, exposure adjustment including gamma and contrast.       Extra Info: None
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Jade O.
Apr 17, 2012
    You know I was going to comment on escargot but never imagined they were the same species in California. But on one matter I disagree. I thought all of your entries and mine show photographic perspective in accord with the intention of the Challenge.

Apr 17, 2012
    Thanks to all who commented on the snail photo. I have to say that I did not expect anything from this minimal effort. I liked the idea of the challenge, but for one reason or another, I could not get out and find something that worked for the challenge. Then one day I was walking the dog and saw this little guy on the sidewalk in front of us. I thought, well thereís a perspective of the world that you donít usually see. Thus the photo emerged.

For those who are concerned, no snails were harmed in the taking of this photograph. I do not know the final outcome for this fellow, but we have so many of them around it is difficult to keep track. As a matter of interest to some, this is exactly the same snail that is prepared as escargot by the French. The snails were introduced to California by French settlers. We do not like them in our gardens since they eat much of what we want to grow. We are not as kind to them as well could be. This particular fellow, however, went on his way unharmed and unimpeded.

Apr 16, 2012
    See whenever you critique you open up to looking silly. It 'looks' like the camera might be about shoe height but of course what it looks like to me is not how it was. Well done.

Jade O.
Apr 16, 2012
    Nice finish and I agree the green is essential to give the snail a destination!

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Apr 16, 2012
    My first thought was - that's one huge snail. Love the effect of the snail having to travel uphill, hope he makes it to the other side. Nice texture on the stones.

Apr 16, 2012
    As you can see, it was shot a 1/400 sec. Barely fast enough to capture his rapid movement!

Apr 15, 2012
    This is a good perspective on a snail. The sharpness of the subject and the depth of field are perfect. The framing is also good as we can clearly see the little guy's objective. I'm surprised there was no motion blur in capturing this speedy beast! in my favs
Edited on Apr 15, 2012

Apr 15, 2012
    He's certainly a colourful fellow! You know, the only time I've ever seen snails carrying their shells is on Panachallenge. I guess our Canadian snails aren't very house-proud!

Apr 15, 2012
    I would suggest cropping out the greenery at the top. It simplifies the composition and emphasizes the snail that you captured so well.

Apr 14, 2012
    Forkcandles, SteveBee, and Rafi, thanks for the comments. I wanted the green in the shot to show where the little guy was headed.
Edited on Apr 16, 2012

Apr 14, 2012
    Jade, I don't know if you have seen this snail before. I think it's unlikely as I have been acquainted for only a short time.

Apr 14, 2012
    its got a long way to go.. i would have cropped out the green top which would have empahisied the distance on the ground.

Apr 13, 2012
    A classic: background out of focus, worm's-eye view. I like it.

Jade O.
Apr 13, 2012
    Have I seen this snail before? Normally off horizon bothers me but no so here. Nicely focused and even the walkway crack adds to the image.

Apr 13, 2012
    Thanks for the detailed eval. The camera was on the ground, so could not go lower. Neither could I. Well, I could have dug a hole, but did not have a jack hammer. I lilked the look of the snail going toward the greenery. That was sort of the point. ;-)
Edited on Apr 16, 2012

Apr 12, 2012
    Sharp where it needs to be and the angled composition works well. A couple of minor thoughts for you to consider:
- does the edge of greenery add or detract from the shot?
- could you have gotten lower?
- would a front on shot give the snail more "character"?
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