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  Mini#25 Best of 2013
Entry 16 of 62
Fire In The Sky       ©2013 Edward
Nikon D7100       16th place, 76 points
4s, f4.8, ISO 180, ?, ?, ?, ?
Post-Processing: This is an HDR image - 4 exposures combined to form the final photo. Added duplicate layer, set as "soft" light at 45% opacity; edited with Color Efex Pro3 to Darken/Lighten selected areas.       Extra Info: Large fires near Big Sur, 60 miles south - although a sad tragedy for some living there - created a number of spectacular sunsets for us up north.
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Jan 6, 2014
    Great sunset and an iconic lighthouse. How could you ask for more? Just beautiful.

Jan 6, 2014
    I love the colours, great shot!

Jan 6, 2014
    amazing. the colours are brilliant. the clouds are great. in my top ten!

Jan 6, 2014
    A fabulous sunset, tinge with sadness about the fires.

Jan 5, 2014
    Yes you can't beat the sunsets when a forest fire is burning. This is really beautiful. The post is done quite well to be able to get down to allowable size here and still retain so much detail. Very well done.

Jan 5, 2014
    Wonderful sunset shot. I can't take my eyes off the sky - like it a lot!

Jan 5, 2014
    What an incredible scene - so much colour.

Jan 5, 2014
    Observant call, Elliott. Yes, the cloud artifacts in the HDR version are irksome, but I did like the color rendition and detail depth of the images better. Had I time to review my camera's multiple shot-taking capacities and bracketing functions better before taking this shot, I probably could have avoided the ghosting artifacts. Oh well -- I'll know better next time.

Jan 5, 2014
    hey i just noticed you entered lighthouse challenge. not sure which i like better. this one does have some ghosting or artifacts from the multiple exposures in the clouds. the other does have an advantage of being posted much larger. i'm about to get in car and head north to photograph a lighthouse for that challenge. best of luck in both of your endeavors.

Jan 4, 2014
    Forkcandles: Do you dislike HDR images in general? This one is not that much different from the single shot I first worked on - I just liked the HDR result better (more depth, object definition and colors). I will post it in outtakes so you can see what I mean. I wonder if you would have felt differently had I not informed you that this was an HDR derived image?

Jan 4, 2014
    Clever and surreal. Eye catching.

Jan 4, 2014
    the HDR gives such a false image to the picture.I am not a fan of the process so my opinion maybe biased

Jan 2, 2014
    Beautiful, yes unfortunately sad due to fires having to be cause of this spectacular sunset. I believe processing this in HDR was the right choice as sunset is main focus with everything else darkened but sunset not overbearing. Also like the glow at the base of the lighthouse.
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